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Agent Gabrielle, DWT
Thu May 21, 2015 13:55

Yaaaaaay! I mean it was mostly the fact that I'm fuzzy was the problem and and and YAY! I'll be right down!

*What follows is a small, obnoxiously adorable Pokémon prancing - yes, prancing - through FicPsych handing out cuddles to the poor unfortunates within.*

  • You're not a soft toy, are you?Jennifer Robinson, Thu May 21 13:20
    I mean, we could theoretically put you in a bath and get you all squeaky-clean between patients, right? ^_~ Anyway, we're a psych ward. We don't see a whole lot of infectious diseases, so we're not... more
    • :DDDDDD — Agent Gabrielle, DWT, Thu May 21 13:55
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