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((Not just that.))
Thu May 21, 2015 17:58

((The fact remains that they don't hold back their [often superhuman] strength, so it's very likely that if, say, a lamia was after you, you'd die from her affections.

That's pretty much the plot of Chapter 6 in MonMusu, except there's also a harpy [who's got razor-sharp talons] and a centaur [who's just plain heavy and strong].))

  • ((Well.))SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 17:27
    ((It's a bit obvious, isn't it? Place anyone in a house with a half-human monster who becomes absolutely sex-crazed under the full moon and they'll be trying to get the hell out of there before they... more
    • ((Not just that.)) — Voyd, Thu May 21 17:58
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