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Agent Sarah Squall, DIC
Fri May 22, 2015 00:59

"Actually my strength isn't derived from raw power in the same way that Mr. Incredible's is. It's momentum-based, meaning I'd have to get my body moving for any real impact. THAT SAID, though, I've accidentally hit my teammates a bit TOO hard every so often, which is why people get uncomfortable when I try to shoulder-punch them nowadays lest I send them through a wall or two! So the short answer to your question would be a solid yes. Unfortunately. I'm amazed it hasn't happened to Cupid or Lapis yet, but time will tell..."

  • Hi Sarah!Gabby, DMS, Thu May 21 11:11
    Have you ever forgotten how strong you were? I accidentally broke a few bones back home when I tried to hug by host families, eheheh. Chakkik worked his mandibles a bit. "so you have always been ... more
    • Hello! — Agent Sarah Squall, DIC, Fri May 22 00:59
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