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Fri May 22, 2015 04:23

Kaitlyn: Uh... Intelligence sent me the reports, so I had to do them? And I'd love it if everyone else did their jobs too?

OH WAIT you mean the reports and the concrit, don't you? Well, I just thought: most authors aren't actually villains, so why not try to help them? If anyone knows about their fics, it's the people who've been inside them! So I decided to help out. Simple as that, really!


((I guess this is really a question for me, maybe? My answer is that... basically I was fed up with every new recruit to the PPC being from TVTropes and not actually being a writer. ^_~ I wanted something PPC to be up on, so that fanwriters could find us again. I also wanted it to be something that presented the best face possible for the PPC - hence the concrit, and the use of 'Suvian' rather than any gender-specific terms.))


Huinesoron: Working in the PPC is like standing in the Siege of Angband, with one important exception: portal technology means we, not they, control when we have to meet the foe. No more surprises; I like that.

So it is a fulfilling duty. It's still dangerous, of course - my work consists of hunting down the creators of abberent geography and putting an end to them, of course it's dangerous! - but each mission is a strike against the Suvians who plague our world. I think that's worthwhile.


  • Question for Agent Kaitlyn Jackson:Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Thu May 21 12:01
    What inspired you to do the Driftwood missions and how would you feel if other agents followed on your footsteps? [Incoming transmission from the Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth.] "Is... more
    • Replies: — Huinesoron, Fri May 22 04:23
      • Thank you Agent Jackson.Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Fri May 22 10:45
        You're truly an inspiration for us all. *glares at someone in the distance* ((Actually is both! After all the concrit was given in-character, wasn´t it? ;) That reminds me... Neither Boarder, nor the ... more
        • ((Sure she did!))Huinesoron, Fri May 22 12:00
          ((Kaitlyn said she'd love it if other people did their jobs, too. Ohhhhh, you mean the other thing...)) Kaitlyn: Oh yeah! I think it'd be brilliant if other people did the whole concrit thing. Ella... more
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