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Solvig Karinsdotter
Question for Chris!
Fri May 22, 2015 07:47

You know what's the best way to care for a Charmander? 'Cuz well, I never had a real one before...

  • eatpraylove's agents' mailboxeatpraylove, Thu May 21 09:25
    Accepting questions for Trainees Miguel Correa and Violet Rose Greenfield in addition to Agents Chris and Ami Seeker, all in Floaters.
    • Question for Miguel.Agent Lapis Lazuli, DIC, Fri May 22 17:14
      Seeing as you had a connection to a Legendary in your homefic like I did, what was it like? Was it similar to communicating with the legendary in question? Also, what is your moveset? I know a... more
      • I still have that connection.Trainee Miguel, DF, Sat May 23 12:59
        You know the Doctor's little speech about how he can feel the Earth rotating underneath his feet and see everything that ever was, is, and could be? That's kind of what having Celebi powers feels... more
    • Question for Chris! — Solvig Karinsdotter, Fri May 22 07:47
      • A Charmander?Chris, Fri May 22 14:26
        Hmm...I've never had one either. I hear they're stubborn, though. As long as you make it clear you're the boss and let him fight tough opponents, you should be OK. Now I'm curious; how'd you get your ... more
        • Well, my psychiatrist said I needed a pet...Solvig Karinsdotter, Fri May 22 20:01
          ... 'cuz I needed to learn resposability or something, and asked me what I wanted. So I said a Charmander, and she got Lizzie for me. ((In reality, it was one of my newbie gifts; son_of_heaven176 let ... more
    • Question for Ami Seeker. SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 20:32
      How hard is it to live life in an environment designed for humans? Do you use the disguise generator to switch to a human if you want to use a keyboard or are your hooves good enough for the job?
      • RE: QuestionAgent Ami Seeker, Fri May 22 14:22
        Actually, Chris says I'm not allowed to use the laptop until I can set up the DVD player correctly without asking for help. I'd have a lot less trouble if we knew where the instruction manual was.... more
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