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Oh, a Qwilfish!
Fri May 22, 2015 11:35

I haven't seen one of you in person! *waves* You and the little Flareon took out Christmas Cuppa, right? Rina won't let me look at the mission report, but well done!

Um, anyway, as for your question, it really depends on the Sue in question. Some of them require a lot more strategy to kill than others. I like to use Thunder Wave to incapacitate them, whenever possible, but other status moves would be nice if I had them. Really, just go with your instincts. They're usually pretty reliable.

  • Hallo Herr Zeb!Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Fri May 22 07:14
    I am beink given to understand zat you are ein very experienced Poké-agent, und vish to know zis; vhat is zer proper meta for zer destruction uff zer Suvian threat? I do not vish to be ein liability... more
    • Oh, a Qwilfish! — Zeb, Fri May 22 11:35
      • Ah, jawohl!Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Fri May 22 17:42
        Mein moveset ist generally beink consistink uff Vaterfall, Thunder Vave, Spikes, und Toxic, but I am likink to svitch out zer stuff every now und again, my vord yes! I am given to vunder vhat zer... more
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