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((Sure she did!))
Fri May 22, 2015 12:00

((Kaitlyn said she'd love it if other people did their jobs, too. Ohhhhh, you mean the other thing...))

Kaitlyn: Oh yeah! I think it'd be brilliant if other people did the whole concrit thing. Ella was so disappointed that her department was never a big thing; it'd be a lovely tribute if we could make it work in our own, um, work. Also, who knows? Maybe if badfic writers get a little advice, they can develop all the quicker into goodfic writers! ~K~

((That's the Department of Author Correspondence, of course. As for me: I'd love to see all aspects of the Driftwood setup becoming more common, but not piecemeal. If people start posting their missions to when those missions consist of angry shouting, it's not going to look very good! Public-facing stories should take their audience into account - and the audience on FF.n is mostly young authors without much experience writing. But with that huge caveat in mind - yes, absolutely! ~hS))

  • Thank you Agent Jackson.Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Fri May 22 10:45
    You're truly an inspiration for us all. *glares at someone in the distance* ((Actually is both! After all the concrit was given in-character, wasn´t it? ;) That reminds me... Neither Boarder, nor the ... more
    • ((Sure she did!)) — Huinesoron, Fri May 22 12:00
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