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Agent Ami Seeker
RE: Question
Fri May 22, 2015 14:22

Actually, Chris says I'm not allowed to use the laptop until I can set up the DVD player correctly without asking for help. I'd have a lot less trouble if we knew where the instruction manual was. (meaningful look at Chris)

It's not overly challenging, really. Most things I can just handle with my magic if I'm not sure about them. The console's not a problem; they thought ahead and gave it a touchscreen option that I use with the disguise generator.

  • Question for Ami Seeker. SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 20:32
    How hard is it to live life in an environment designed for humans? Do you use the disguise generator to switch to a human if you want to use a keyboard or are your hooves good enough for the job?
    • RE: Question — Agent Ami Seeker, Fri May 22 14:22
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