Harris: Well.
Fri May 22, 2015 14:38

Harris: Do a little small talk, ask her out on a date, hope everything goes right. Isn't that what people do?

Gaspard: A girl calling me attractive? It's an obvious trap. Why else would anyone pay attention to me? Look: I've got crappy looks and a crappier personality. That's a formula for pure people repellant.

Harris: Oh, come on. You don't look that bad.

Gaspard: How many people do you know have cystic acne so bad it says "please kick me" on their foreheads in zit-braille?

Harris: Um... only you, actually. But come on: you'll find someone--

Gaspard: Oh yeah? Some girl just right for me is just going to appear in my life, ignore my flaws, and live Happily Ever After? This isn't how real life works, Harris. You gotta put effort into it. I've got to stop looking and acting like crap before even considering being presentable. But "comfort zone", right? Let's face it: I'm not ready yet. Gotta grow up first.

Harris: If you say so.

- - -

Emiranlanoamar: No time. Work to do. Maybe in the next fifty years?

  • How would you feel if someone of your preferred gender (if any) said that they thought you were attractive? Directly to your face, that is, before Mister de Grasse considers dodging. ((And I'm... more
    • Harris: Well. — SeaTurtle, Fri May 22 14:38
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