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Harris: hey, that's good news!
Fri May 22, 2015 15:29

Harris: Solvig won't forget you. I'm telling you, she's a really pretty gal and I think--

Gaspard: --it will end in disaster.

Harris: You're such a spoilsport. She wants to be your friend, moron. Why don't you meet her first and then decide if she's a wicked witch out there to stab you in the back?

Gaspard: Okay, fine. I'll try but she'll change her mind about being friends when she sees my face. You'll see.

Harris: [Facepalming noise] You're absolutely insufferable.

Gaspard: I know.

  • Sorry about the intrusion gentlemen.Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Fri May 22 11:23
    But let me defend my patient. Solvig won't forget Gaspard, she will forget the events that transpired today, and she will try again another day. She does not do it out of ill will, no. She genuinely... more
    • Harris: hey, that's good news! — SeaTurtle, Fri May 22 15:29
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