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Gaspard De Grasse
Oh, I know Eeyore.
Fri May 22, 2015 16:24

He's strangely relatable on quite a few levels, actually. No idea about the other characters, though. I can google that, though, gimme a minute... ah, I see.

Yeah, no. Eeyore it is.

  • Another question for Mister de Grasse!Voyd, Fri May 22 15:43
    Are you Eeyore? No, Goober from Fraggle Rock. Wait a tick, scratch that, Nozomu Itoshiki! Er, no, that's not it either... Dolorous Edd Tollett! Is that you, Edd? How's life in the Night's Watch? ((I... more
    • Oh, I know Eeyore. — Gaspard De Grasse, Fri May 22 16:24
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