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Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT
Ah, jawohl!
Fri May 22, 2015 17:42

Mein moveset ist generally beink consistink uff Vaterfall, Thunder Vave, Spikes, und Toxic, but I am likink to svitch out zer stuff every now und again, my vord yes! I am given to vunder vhat zer effect uff Pain Split vould be on ein Immortal Sue...

  • Oh, a Qwilfish!Zeb, Fri May 22 11:35
    I haven't seen one of you in person! *waves* You and the little Flareon took out Christmas Cuppa, right? Rina won't let me look at the mission report, but well done! Um, anyway, as for your question, ... more
    • Ah, jawohl! — Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Fri May 22 17:42
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