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Agent Ilraen
Fri May 22, 2015 23:24

For one thing, I understand there have historically been far more female recruits than male, so if the organization limited itself to male action agents, it would be even more pitifully understaffed than it is anyway. It would not serve the cause well to do so.

For another, the PPC is run by sentient plants, which may or may not recognize biological sex as a matter of any importance at all.

Furthermore, while the males of many species do tend to be larger and stronger on average, none of the sentient species I'm aware of have a significant difference in intelligence between males and females. This work does not demand physical prowess, but rather intelligence and passion, so females and males are equally capable of serving.

Of course, that's to say nothing of the full spectrum of sexes and gender identities, which is not binary at all. Some species, including humans, acknowledge a wide range of genders, and some have none at all!

I theorize that Andalite society would be less rigid in this matter if it were not for the inescapable difference in tail-blade size between males and females. A big male with a large tail-blade is simply better suited to tail-fighting—if we were all born alike, our society would never have invented such a division. I further theorize, however, that some females must be larger than others, and some males smaller (with tail-blades to match), just like every other species. In such a case, would a large female not be just as suited as a male to become a warrior, and would not a small male find he is more suited to the arts or sciences?

In closing, I believe this is a quotation, though I regret I cannot recall the source: "Allow them? Just try stopping them!"

(( Oops, he took her at face value. He's so helpful, isn't he? {= D He's clearly been talking to Jenni about some things. Farilan might've got more than she bargained for there! ))

  • Yes, about these warriors of other species...Farilan-Haothil-Esthine, Fri May 22 22:23
    Could you perhaps explain why they allow their females to fight rather than have them go into more suitable departments such as Intelligence or Sufficiently Advanced Technology? ((Girl's got a... more
    • Certainly! — Agent Ilraen, Fri May 22 23:24
      • *snorts*Farilan-Haothil-Esthine, Sat May 23 09:43
        Be that as it may, Ilraen, the fact of the matter remains that it is just not proper behavior. But very well, I will attempt to turn a blind eye, though I cannot say I will ever approve of the... more
        • (( Gah, stuck for a response. ))Neshomeh, Mon May 25 00:44
          Sorry. {= ( Yeah, it's tough getting into the head of a character you disagree with. Especially since we don't really know all that much about Andalite society, all things considered. I mean, do they ... more
      • P.S. I remembered.Agent Ilraen, Fri May 22 23:42
        The actual quote is from Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. The fuller passage runs as follows: "Do you mean to say that you allow your queens to fly—against Threads?" F'lar ignored the fact that... more
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