Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division
Yes and yes. I arrived near the Armory in fact...
Sat May 23, 2015 12:18

...the centaur is a fine lad. *sigh* No, my refusal to be aknowledged as Gallifreyan has nothing to do with a war I just saw the first shots of. No, it was because of what happened after one of those shots reached my TARDIS, damaging it and sending me to a random part of the multiverse, and the multiversal travel that followed, that ultimately brought me here. I saw things that shaked my beliefs to the core and beings whose power dwarfs the power of the Time Lords. It was... a humbling experience, that shamed me of belonging to such arrogant race.

But now... I... Wait. Let me sit and think... *sits down and closes her eyes in meditation for a while, then opens her eyes again* Now, your words shame me, Emiranlanoamar. I... was unaware of the existence of opposition agansit Rassilon, and... Dear Aedra... I knew he was mad, but... Deploy the Omega Arsenal? Execute the Ultimate Sanction? I am speechless...

*sighs after a long pause* Also, there are other reasons I hid myself: My genetic makeup was contaminated at least three times during my travels, I am not fully Time Lord now; I did not wish to be entangled with the petty squabbles of the Continuity Council, and then there are my legal reasons, I have done multiple transgressions to the Laws of Time, and I fear that what would happen if it is known. I think that will sumarize my reasons to forget my own original name and become a renegade. But if youn believe it is for the best, I will go to Personnel to get my personal information modified and then present myself to the Citrine Theorist and Onyx Monitor Reader of he Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile, for proper registration.

Before you speak, do not think for a moment that I attempted to flee Gallifrey. I was trying to get to there before the Daleks to warn the Guardsmen, after all I was just a civilian with nothing but a Sonic Screwdriver with me, but my TARDIS was shot and malfunctioned before I reached Gallifrey.

  • You arrived here two years ago?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 10:16
    That's when I came through! How the heck did you get here? By TARDIS? And why in the name of the Homeworld didn't you register as Time Lord? Not only does Medical kinda need to know this but... how... more
    • Yes and yes. I arrived near the Armory in fact... — Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 12:18
      • You were caught up in the Blitz?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 13:36
        Good grief, you were really unlucky. Doubly so because Third and Sixth Fleet intercepted the Dalek Armada literally the minute it entered Gallifreyan space. You barely missed being rescued. It's too... more
        • No, no, no, you misunderstand me Emiranlanoamar.Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 15:35
          I do not desire to join the Council and their eternal squabbles, The Reader is the one resposible of surveilling the actions of Time Lords within this organization, so I must register with her. And... more
          • So?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 20:11
            You're a Time Lord. Changing sex after regeneration is rather uncommon but not unheard of. Why would you be ashamed of a normal body function? On the other hand... why, oh why did you mess with a... more
            • And I must point out that ...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 21:25
     an alternate ocurrence of those events were he escaped Gallifrey, that same Doctor was locked in her TARDIS for having a Sex Change Regeneration --by suicide jumping from a pylon--, which... more
              • Eldritch Abominations, you say?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 21:53
                Of course I know what they are. I killed them during the War. They also killed me multiple times but that technically never happened because I'm still alive So yeah, tell me about these guys. What... more
                • *laughs* You jest, do you?Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 23:45
                  *pause* Dear Talos... You are serious. I can see you are familiar with the term itself, but not with its meaning . What universe? All of them have them. Powers? Omnipotence . Physical description?... more
                  • "Guardsman of Gallifrey?"Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 10:54
                    Ooh, I like the sound of that: it makes me sound important. Go on. Joking aside, what would I do against... hang on a second while I check the database for this Hermaeus Mora fellow. ...right. Well,... more
                    • You have a fine hypothesis there...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sun May 24 11:47
                      ...but sadly, that does not mean it will work. Usually these beings exist outside of reality, and reality is nothing but a toy for them. The form we see is just a mirage they use to interact with... more
                      • My, my. You've been places.Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 17:49
                        You've met Gods-- capital "g"-- talked to them, received favours from them, have them fighting over your soul, and it sounds like you killed a bunch of innocent Pokémon. Aren't you a special... more
                        • Your rudeness, does not surprise nor bothers me.Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sun May 24 18:05
                          Look Emiranlanoamar, I do not feel proud of what I have done, nor I like my dealing with those beings, that is why I decided to dedicate the rest of my days to the mental health of children. But if... more
                          • Okay, slow down. Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 18:31
                            Nobody is shooting anyone here. Let's be very clear on that. Okay? Good. We're going to talk and nobody is going to do anything they're going to regret. I have another yes/no question for you. Are... more
                            • *sighs and sits down again* Honestly...Edhelistar, Sun May 24 19:21
                              ... I am not sure... By all accounts I should have been vaporized by the Daleks, but something, or someone took me out of there along my TARDIS, probably an Eternal. Then set me in those various... more
                              • It's not up to me to judge. Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 21:01
                                I'm just a policeman, not the judge, jury, and executioner. Come with me to Medical. They'll scan you and we'll see about their diagnosis. If you're Suvian, then you're not a really bad case: you're... more
                                • Why would I want to subvert the organization?Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sun May 24 21:24
                                  I just want to finally from all the skit that I dragged through by that thing . I left someone I cared for behind in each universe I was dragged in, a pet in the first one, friends in the second one... more
                                  • Quit being so melodramatic.Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 21:33
                                    It's not like there's never been an ex-Suvian agent in the history of the PPC. We're just going in to make sure that you're not some weird sleeper agent or anything. - - - ((It's weird because I... more
                                    • Well, the Reader did mention something along those lines...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sun May 24 21:50
                                      ...regarding Time Lords, did not she not? Now, before we leave, I -- Where has Shui-Hua gone to? ~~~ ((Apparently we were in different channels, 'cuz I was imagining everything happening face to... more
                                      • Er, who? Emiranlanoamar, Mon May 25 21:46
                                        Sorry-- I don't know who that is. Can describe her to me? I can have Terabyte search for her via the DIA security cams.
                                        • *sigh* Emiranlanoamar...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Mon May 25 23:26
                                          ... she is the girl who was asking you about the Sonic Screwdriver! How could you -- aaggh... uuhhnnn... *the Time Lady's body starts shining in a blinding blue light, and when it stops, in her place ... more
                                          • The Guardsman recoiled from the surprise kiss...SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 15:44
                                            ...and hastily wiped his lips with a tissue as he drew his staser pistol, flicking the safety to "stun" with a quick thumb movement honed over millennia of fighting. "STAY RIGHT WHEre you... are,... more
                                            • "No worry Guardsman I am just a little... er, disoriented, yes, that is the word. I --" The she felt a jolt coming up her spine to her brain. "Wah! Time... Lord? What is a Sonic Screwdriver? What the ... more
                                              • The Guardsman stared at the retreating Nurse...SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 22:52
                                                ...and scratched his head. "Good grief. I always get the weird cases. And just how can she know my name without knowing what species I am? I mean, who decides to call themselves only by a title or... more
                                                • ((Of course I did!))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 10:44
                                                  ((Specially the start and the ending. Is always fun to write Shui-Hua's Time-Lord-fangirl side, and who knew, writing a Fourth Wall breaker is fun as heck. In fact, I might keep using Cookie Chan in... more
                                                  • ((Swooping in every now and then to lend a hand? Why not make her a full agent while you're at it? Yeah, she looks like a Suvian but so do some agents-- like Nesh said up above, Nurse Jenni is an... more
                                                    • ( (Or why not both!))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 19:23
                                                      ((I could make her be some sort of rogue multiversal vigilante/watcher/defender, and ultimately use one my Agents to convice her to join the PPC, probaly would be Erynloth Gerfindeth from the DMS who ... more
                              • ((Gosh dang it! Is the second time it happens!))Edhelistar, Sun May 24 19:26
                                ((I put my username instead of the character's name again. =P))
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