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(Well, that escalated quickly.)
Sat May 23, 2015 14:50

Lapis stared after Shi-Hua, a look of horrified shock on her face.
"I... I don't know what to say," she said to nobody in particular. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean..."
She felt a hand rest on her shoulder.
"Leave her be," said Cupid. "I've heard enough people speak lightly of Viridi and Hades to know how she feels."
"But... I said something I shouldn't have... I..."
"I can talk to her, and apologize on your behalf. Just give it some time. Maybe she'll get you that new hand you wanted in due course. Sounds good?"
He draped his wing over her, and she smiled, wiping a tear from her cheek. "Sounds good."

(I genuinely didn't mean for that to happen, and I'm sorry too :( It's just that even as someone who's seen the ins and outs of the PPC for over two years, Lapis can be pretty naive sometimes, especially given how young she is. I do hope for the subplot with her replacement hand to happen sometime, though!)

  • Excuse me, what...? *narrows her eyes* ((Spoilers!))Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sat May 23 11:11
    At first I thought you refered to the Equalist's shock gauntlets, the only piece of useful technology from there. *calls the water from Lapis' back of the neck to her hand* But, I think I now know... more
    • (Well, that escalated quickly.) — SkarmorySilver, Sat May 23 14:50
      • *slow clap*Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 16:58
        Congratulations, Lapis Lazuli. You just angered someone again, with your reckless speech. My office, tomorrow, 9 a.m., not 'buts' or excuses. What? Becoming an Agent does not mean you stop being my... more
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