It's still a nice name.
Sat May 23, 2015 23:31

Much nicer than mine, that's for sure. My parents got it into their head to name me after a very shallow romantic comedy with abhorrent characters and whose plot I saw coming from miles away. But I digress.

Okay, another question: What kind of TARDIS is your dream model? Have you ever had the fortune to see one, or possibility be in one?

  • My name?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 20:30
    Direct your compliments to my parents: I didn't do anything. Baby, I was born this way. With respect to the Continuity Council... ugh. Let's go though the list, shall we? The Fisherman - Never met... more
    • It's still a nice name. — Iximaz, Sat May 23 23:31
      • Now you're talking.SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 10:27
        Dream model? Prydonian Type 83. With its oversized engine, elegant computer architecture, tough-as-nails time-recursion shielding, and compact room design it's the finest exploration ship we've ever... more
        • Uh, could I butt in?Agent Wobbles, DF, Sun May 24 18:48
          It's not a Prydonian, but the Notary's TARDIS is a type 83. I... think she said it was that. I'd check, but, um, that's a big ol' nono. And you can get some requisition forms for that, because she... more
          • So you heard me, then?Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 20:21
            Right. Sorry you had to hear that. I really need to keep a lid on things like this. So, a Type 83 blockade runner. I bet she mistreats it, too. She's a clerk: what does she know of TARDIS repair? The ... more
            • ((Misremembering.))Scapegrace, Sun May 24 20:28
              ((This is what I get for not keeping everything on file. =] ))
        • Gonna have to agree with you on that.Iximaz, Sun May 24 16:37
          The Type 100s kind of creep me out, to be honest. The Type 83 sounds fantastic, though. :) Now, me, if I were lucky enough to have a TARDIS, I'd pick a Type 52.
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