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Agent Wobbles, DF
The old favourite!
Sun May 24, 2015 04:39

So simple, but so effective! The surprise pie's one of the greatest gifts to clownkind! You can put it anywhere and everywhere - well, not quite everywhere if you're me because there are things I'm not allowed to touch or come within five feet of - and it's always, always, always hilarious. The pie's the greatest leveller we have.

"Is this why you keep throwing them at me, human?"

Eh, sorta. =oD

  • Um...ok, this one's for Wobbles.Trainee Violet Greenfield, Sat May 23 13:03
    How do you feel about custard/cream pies?
    • The old favourite! — Agent Wobbles, DF, Sun May 24 04:39
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