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Dawww, you flatter me.
Sun May 24, 2015 10:55

Now regarding your actual question, mostly I don't use it. I don't have have the skill level to generate water blades with the precision required for my job, and hydraulics don't actually use water, they use oil.

That doesn't mean is not useful in certain situations, like for cleaning pieces using soapy water, drying by removing the water from them, cooling engines faster, and making a nice clean tea while working.

  • Question for Shui-Hua Lui.Scapegrace, Sun May 24 04:42
    How come you're so cute? No, for real this time: since you're a technician, how do you use your bending to aid your work? Water knives to cut steel? Hydraulic fluid control? It seems like it'd be... more
    • Dawww, you flatter me.Edhelistar, Sun May 24 10:55
      • ((Physicist being physicist-y))SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 11:21
        ((Hydraulics doesn't have to do specifically with just water: it's just an application of fluid dynamics pertaining to liquids in general. And cooling engines is a thermodynamics problem. Heat... more
        • ((Well is all Avatar-verse rules.))Edhelistar, Sun May 24 11:54
          ((Waterbenders are never seen manipulating any sort of oil, only water and stuff that contains a lot of water, so just to be on the safe canonical side, let's say they can't. And yes, they can... more
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