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"Action Department?"
Sun May 24, 2015 15:21

Zeb: Well, most of the time, it's pretty fun, until you get a Sue actively trying to kill you instead of the other way around. Then it's flat-out terrifying. I've had my remote activator's speed dial set to Medical since-- since Rose Potter, just in case. *he falls quiet for a moment* The rest of the time, it's pretty cool, though!

Gabrielle: AHH! A Pikachu! You're so cute can I hug you can I can I please please please??? Oh, right, sorry, I'll answer your question! Anyway, Doktor and I get some really weird stuff-- I mean, we are in WhatThe-- but it's a lot of fun getting to see the characters in real life and getting to help them out!

  • Pika pi pika-pika-chu ka kachu-kaaa! Thrud the Pikachu, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Div., Sun May 24 13:50
    ((Translation: Question for Zeb and Gabrielle!)) Kaaa pi Chuu chu chu pikachu pikapi pi pi-i Pi pikachu pikaa pi? ((How does it feel to be in an Action Department?)) Maya, the Gardevoir : I must... more
    • "Action Department?" — Iximaz, Sun May 24 15:21
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