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Another for Alloy!
Sun May 24, 2015 15:51

So, say you want to get a haircut. (Papercut?) But later, you get tired of it. Is your hair able to grow out?

  • TheShyIon's agents' mailboxesTheShyIon, Wed May 20 19:47
    Alloy and Ginger in the Department of Mary Sues. Neither have very good wiki articles yet, but here they are: and . Since I don't ... more
    • Another for Alloy! — Iximaz, Sun May 24 15:51
    • Question for Alloy!Solvig Karinsdotter, Wed May 20 23:38
      How does it feel to have paper hair? ((Goddammit Solvig! Think before speaking!))
      • Re: Question for Alloy!TheShyIon, Sat May 23 21:12
        Alloy: Papery, I suppose? It is not like I have much to compare it to. It can make it hard to shower, though. Thankfully, I can just put some plastic over it.
    • Question for both!Iximaz, Wed May 20 20:54
      What do you least like about your partner? Conversely, what do you like most?
      • ...aren't you? ;) Alloy: I would not usually say this, but Ginger is absolutely a jerk. A confusing jerk who reminds me too much of that horrible Sue. And she named me without my permission, too! Who ... more
    • Don't be silly, everyone gets questions.SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 20:08
      Question for both and be honest. If both of you got into a fist fight against each other, who would win? No weapons, no magic. Just good old-fashioned fisticuffs.
      • As honest as they get... :PTheShyIon, Wed May 20 22:08
        Alloy: I am not sure. If fighting as I would in the RWBY continuum does not count, I would almost certainly win! If not, I would, well, still probably win, but it is possible I could get tripped up.... more
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