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Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT
Hallo mein tiny electric friend!
Sun May 24, 2015 17:03

It ist feelink like ein big responsibility, my vord yes! But, as long as you are beink careful und do not take zer silly risks, it can be zer greatest of fun, my vord yes!

Until you are required to be vatchink zer Sues. Then it is, alas, not so fun.

  • Pi-kaaa-chu kachu-pika-pi-ka chu pika Chu ka-pika-pika!Thrud the Pikachu, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Div., Sun May 24 13:07
    ((Translation: Question for Doktor Trollenfisch!)) Kaaa pi Chuu chu chu pikachu pikapi pi pi-i Pi pikachu pikaa pi? ((How does it feel to be in an Action Department?)) Maya, the Gardevoir : I think... more
    • Hallo mein tiny electric friend! — Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Sun May 24 17:03
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