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Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs
"Then it is done."
Sun May 24, 2015 20:08

"I... it pains me deeply to speak of my wife this way. As a Suvian, as a subject for testing, like some poor departed soul's body under the knife of an Edinburgh anatomist. And yet I must, because that is what she is. My son is but thirteen years and I, I must explain to him that his mother is some manner of changeling monster. But it is not just my blood family of whom I must think.

"I am a gentleman, a titled man, and - I like to think - a man of principle. I am possessed of an estate of eight thousand pounds a year. I have servants; but a mere few, yes, but their families have been at Perenelle for generations. At least, that is what I believe to be so, but I am, I am unsure now of what is and is not real. If the Suvian is removed, then, then canon will snap back, and I cannot ascertain their fate. I must ensure their safety, Sir! For they are as much a part of my family as any other!

"My father once said to me, and I only now find myself able to remember him say it, that it is how a gentleman treats his inferiors that will shew his innermost character. You yourself speak in terms of Duty, of the burden you must bear to ensure the safety of countless lives who will never know of your existence nor mourn when it ceases. This, Sir Guardsman, is my Duty. It is a duty of care to those who have served me and mine. So I must ask: can they join?"


((Something else people forget: the servants. We know the Sue who rules as Queen has to be killed; what of her palace guards, her chambermaid, her farriers and coachmen and scullery-maids? It is no great stretch of imagination for an estate's master to be kind, and wise in the application of his kindness. They will be fed and watered; they will, arguably, have a better life here than in canon. Loyalty begets loyalty, and deserves it too.))

  • "Ah."SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 19:33
    The Guardsman listened intently to Algie's speech. "No, it's fine," he said to the Earl. "In fact, it's a good thing you talked to me. Supernatural beauty, preternatural command of magic and superior ... more
    • "Then it is done." — Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Sun May 24 20:08
      • The Guardsman smiled at the Earl.SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 20:45
        "Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. We're short-staffed in every single department over here so any help they can offer would be greatly appreciated. You're absolutely right about the Duty: family is... more
        • "I should say so, Sir Guardsman! And it is well done!"Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Mon May 25 07:47
          "Once again, Sir, I am entirely in your debt; and once again, Sir, I am forced to say that it could not be to a more deserving man. But come, Sir Guardsman, we must make haste!" Algie powered off... more
          • "It's what de do here," said the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Mon May 25 21:35
            "We help wherever we can. I'm glad we were able to help you, Lord Wymbourne. You seem like a pretty decent guy." Across the room, the Sub Rosa conversed with her aide. " Very well. Bulldog, find... more
            • "Indeed I have."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Tue May 26 08:27
              "I have the details lurking somewhere in this contraption... aha! One "Field Commander McCandless" of Response Centre 2,631,513. This is why I have yet to report to the Armoury, Sir Guardsman; her... more
              • "...that was unstable by nature," said the Guardsman. "Furthermore, your home 'verse stays clean, your son and your employees are safe, nobody has to die, and you've got a new job. I'd say that's a... more
                • "Capital!"Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Tue May 26 17:24
                  "I do hope you will call for tea once my new garret is in a suitable shape for visitors, Sir Guardsman; moreover, if you have any future cause in which English magic will be an aid to success, do not ... more
                  • ((Ah, the plot thickens.))SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 18:11
                    ((I like where this is going. I assume that this is going to be a catalyst for some character development on the Notary's side. They just need to meet... Well, I'm certainly looking forward to the... more
                    • ((Totally canon))Scapegrace, Tue May 26 19:50
                      I mean, for one thing, RC 2,431,513? 24-3-15-13. XCOM. I like puns. I'm keeping that canon. Therefore, I'm keeping the rest of it. If you don't wish to, be my guest, but I rather like his Lordship's... more
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