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So you heard me, then?
Sun May 24, 2015 20:21

Right. Sorry you had to hear that. I really need to keep a lid on things like this.

So, a Type 83 blockade runner. I bet she mistreats it, too. She's a clerk: what does she know of TARDIS repair? The poor thing: I could single-handedly restore it, make her healthy again... but no. No, I have to decline. I can't stoop to her level by engaging in tit-for-tat: she's going to literally strangle me in red tape if I touch her things. I don't want to escalate the situation, right?

That being said... a while ago at Rudi's you mentioned that she had a nickname. "Honeybee", right? You said that it would make sure she never came near me again. At this stage in the game I don't want to do anything that might worsen the situation. How sure are you that this would work? This will either destroy the Notary or make her destroy me if I play this card. And how okay is it to use something extremely personal from her past against her? She's kinda pathetic to be honest-- from my point of view it's like kicking a sick puppy lying on the ground.

- - -

((IIRC, the Notary flew a Dromeian 89 as described in this CCoGiE episode. Retcon?))

  • Uh, could I butt in?Agent Wobbles, DF, Sun May 24 18:48
    It's not a Prydonian, but the Notary's TARDIS is a type 83. I... think she said it was that. I'd check, but, um, that's a big ol' nono. And you can get some requisition forms for that, because she... more
    • So you heard me, then? — Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 20:21
      • ((Misremembering.))Scapegrace, Sun May 24 20:28
        ((This is what I get for not keeping everything on file. =] ))
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