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Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs
"I should say so, Sir Guardsman! And it is well done!"
Mon May 25, 2015 07:47

"Once again, Sir, I am entirely in your debt; and once again, Sir, I am forced to say that it could not be to a more deserving man. But come, Sir Guardsman, we must make haste!" Algie powered off down the corridor, striding purposefully despite his stature being rather small and spherical. He was scribbling away upon his datapad, leafing through departments and quietly piecing together the places to which his servants would be most suited. Shortly, they were back in the Induction Centre, accompanied by an Intelligence officer and an enormous walking rose bush dressed in a suit of clothes, which frankly was by no means the weirdest thing to happen to-day, so Algie just went with it. The rose bush was introduced to him as the Sub Rosa by one of the other staffers, clearly from Intelligence themselves.

"I, I..." the Earl straightened, and adjusted his wig. "I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Madam," he added hurriedly after a surreptitious check of his datapad. "Might I also take the opportunity to commend your wit? Yours is a fine pun, and no mistake. But let us get to business. I have taken the liberty of constructing a plan of action for the integration of my personal staff..."

The plotting went on for some time, with the occasional delay for the Earl's delight at PPC technology to subside. It was still a good plan, though; everyone at Perenelle Abbey had skills that they could bring to bear, and while there had been an argument concerning the gardeners, an amicable solution was reach when it was brought up that fantasy continuua divisions were always on the lookout for people who knew how to handle dangerous lumps of worked, sharpened metal. Over time, though, Algie's unease returned.

"I pray that my wife remains unharmed, milady. I... She is a Mary Sue, this is beyond question, but she is my wife and I cannot help but love her, unconditionally and without question. It is not my place to say, but if you could find it within yourself to ensure her safe arrival into the bosom of DMSE&R's Live Subjects Program directly, I would be most grateful."

"I understand. Thank you, milady. Thank you all." Algie gestured to the assembled staff, some of whom had only wandered in because PPC people love a bit of street theatre. "This is a most painful episode in my life, and it gladdens my heart that you seek to help me through it."

  • The Guardsman smiled at the Earl.SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 20:45
    "Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. We're short-staffed in every single department over here so any help they can offer would be greatly appreciated. You're absolutely right about the Duty: family is... more
    • "I should say so, Sir Guardsman! And it is well done!" — Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Mon May 25 07:47
      • "It's what de do here," said the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Mon May 25 21:35
        "We help wherever we can. I'm glad we were able to help you, Lord Wymbourne. You seem like a pretty decent guy." Across the room, the Sub Rosa conversed with her aide. " Very well. Bulldog, find... more
        • "Indeed I have."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Tue May 26 08:27
          "I have the details lurking somewhere in this contraption... aha! One "Field Commander McCandless" of Response Centre 2,631,513. This is why I have yet to report to the Armoury, Sir Guardsman; her... more
          • "...that was unstable by nature," said the Guardsman. "Furthermore, your home 'verse stays clean, your son and your employees are safe, nobody has to die, and you've got a new job. I'd say that's a... more
            • "Capital!"Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Tue May 26 17:24
              "I do hope you will call for tea once my new garret is in a suitable shape for visitors, Sir Guardsman; moreover, if you have any future cause in which English magic will be an aid to success, do not ... more
              • ((Ah, the plot thickens.))SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 18:11
                ((I like where this is going. I assume that this is going to be a catalyst for some character development on the Notary's side. They just need to meet... Well, I'm certainly looking forward to the... more
                • ((Totally canon))Scapegrace, Tue May 26 19:50
                  I mean, for one thing, RC 2,431,513? 24-3-15-13. XCOM. I like puns. I'm keeping that canon. Therefore, I'm keeping the rest of it. If you don't wish to, be my guest, but I rather like his Lordship's... more
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