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(( Hehe, thanks. ))
Mon May 25, 2015 22:52

Like I said, don't mind me, I'm just old and crotchety. I actually found myself pretty interested in Nurse Chan's backstory, and the idea of her being drawn to the PPC and FicPsych because she heard about Jenni (although I don't quite know how she could have; Jenni doesn't really go around advertising her history that much). Powers know Jenni wouldn't mind having someone around who could relate to her on that level.

But, what with all the woe and angst, I support scaling her down a bit, too. {= )

Actually, the person Nurse Chan is really going to have to contend with is Suzine. I can't see her being overly thrilled with the notion of Pokémon in her department, especially ones that purport to be members of the department but refuse to communicate properly. (Immac will love them, though!)

Also, Suzine, Dr. Freedenberg, and the Kudzu want to know when they got a Paidopsychiatry Division, and doesn't the Nursery handle all that? I mean, sure, there's the odd canon character who's a child, but the nurses can deal with them without needing a whole division set aside for it. It's not at all a bad idea to have someone who specializes in the needs of younger people, but calling one person and a couple critters a division is a little silly, IMO, and the nurses each have their style/specialty without divisions anyway.

Oh, BTW, I just caught up on the bit with Shui-Hua (hope I got that right) having an appointment with Jenni. We could totally RP that here if you want. I'm all caught up with AtLA:LoK, so I (and Jenni) get what her deal is. You'll just have to excuse me if I take a long time between posts, is all.


  • ((Actually Nesh...))Edhelistar, Mon May 25 21:52
    I was planning to tell ya, but the RP happened and I was like "Oh what the heck let's test'em," and then this happened. We can still get something agreed with my Nurse's backstory within the... more
    • (( Hehe, thanks. )) — Neshomeh, Mon May 25 22:52
      • ((You're welcome))Edhelistar, Tue May 26 00:29
        And to the crunchy part! Well rather than drawn, she was actually thrown into the PPC. And the "two years here" part, has an explanation. Is a reference to about how much time ago I last did anything ... more
        • (So...)SkarmorySilver, Thu May 28 00:06
          (...Does all this mean we'll have to update the FicPsych page on the Wiki before we can get started? I'll probably make a post on the Board about this in that case. We'll see how it goes after that!... more
          • (( Not necessarily? ))Neshomeh, Thu May 28 11:15
            I was waiting for Edhelistar to kick of the RP, actually, and came here to say so once I realized I hadn't. IMO, it doesn't make much sense for me to start if Jenni's just going to be sitting in her... more
            • ((Well, Shui-Hua said her appointment...))Anonymous, Thu May 28 11:53
              ((... was next Friday, didn't she. ^_^ The one that actually is late for her appointment is Lapis actually. Now, on the other subject, I will formally include in the Wiki my Nurse onceshe makes her... more
    • ((On the other hand... there's quite a lot of good material for a number of agents there. Maybe it could be considered canon-ish for them? Anyhoo, glad I could be of assistance. Your characters are a ... more
      • ((Thanks!))Edhelistar, Tue May 26 00:43
        Now, may I ask a question: How many Agents from the Department of Internal Affairs you have?
        • Five.SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 09:03
          -Fire Flash, an Earth pony from MLP: FiM . A former Generic Canterlot castle guard rescued from a badfic after she described herself into existence. -Taldaris, a protoss High Templar. Fell into HQ in ... more
          • ((And the most active as far as I can tell...))Anonymous, Tue May 26 10:24
            So, what would you think if I give them some back-up? ;) They won't be coming soon though, I need to do at least my first two DIC missions and the full backstory of my FicPsych "team", then I will... more
              • ((Derp on my part as well.))SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 15:47
                ((I'm forgetting some of my folks! - Benoît, aspiring Pokémon Ranger. Leads a team of four three on the Coutyard beat: -- Buck the narcoleptic Skiddo -- Maxwell the hyperactive Jolteon -- Victoria... more
                • ((Yup, I do.))Edhelistar, Tue May 26 20:26
                  Snowrrlbecca, a Wookiee Royal Guard, from Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk, Star Wars Galaxy. He's a warrior trained in the traditional Wookiee weapons that had never left his homeworld before. He enjoys nature ... more
                  • ((Sounds sweet.))SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 22:54
                    Unfortunately, I know nothing of Digimon and my knowledge of Star Wars is restricted to the movies. I might have to do a bit of wiki-binging to catch up on that...
                    • ((Well....))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 11:35
                      Getting information for Wookiee stuff, would be quite easy, Wookieepedia is well organized and has a lot of info. But Digimon on the hand... err... Wikimon and Digimon Wikia, have some problems with... more
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