Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division
*sigh* Emiranlanoamar...
Mon May 25, 2015 23:26

... she is the girl who was asking you about the Sonic Screwdriver! How could you -- aaggh... uuhhnnn... *the Time Lady's body starts shining in a blinding blue light, and when it stops, in her place is a blue-eyed woman with neck-long blue hair, a rather skimpy armoured outfit with a blue tint, and a hairband that has something that looks like white avian wings. She looks at her hands in surprise* Wha--? What did just happened? And... uhn... I'm a Rune Knight now? But I never got to that-- *looks up and shakes her fist* Hey now! Are you trolling me or what?

((Of course I am!))

What the!? You son of a-- *notices the Guardsman* Uh... uhm... Hi. Emira-something, right? I'm Cookie Chan. Sorry, about that, is just that the moron writing this decided to take off the appeareance I was taking and I don't know why.

((Your contract expired.))

Wha-- I don't have a contract!

((You do now.))

Since when!?

((Since now, and it says that it can be terminated at any time and you don't get your pay.))

I don't get paid!

((Funny thing, I remember paying you... with peanuts and crumpets!))

*rolls eyes*

((Aaanyway, you know what to do now.))

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Now, where was it? Oh yes! Here! *sticks her fingers in the Generic Surface of the floor and opens a plothole, and takes out of it a blue-eyed woman with shoulder-lenght blond hair, wearing a Nurse coat with the flashpatch of FicPsych. Then the bluenette dusts her with her hands*

((Hey! Stop groping her!))

*sticks her tongue out to the ceiling* You are no fun. Now, what else I had to do? Oh yes! *grabs Emiran's head...* This. *...and kisses him on the lips* Bye, bye! *opens a plothole and jumps in it before the Guardsman can react*

((Hey, someone give that girl an Anti-Lustin shot!))

*from inside the plothole* Ha ha. F*** you!


*The plothole closes and the blonde comes out of her trance* Uggh... What happened? And who are-- Wait! You are the Guardsman! From the DIA. Bäste Arceus! Please tell me you are not here because I went full Sue and you are to kill me!

((Hahaha! Meet Cookie Chan, the real dimesion-hopping Player Character! And an Eldritch Abomination in her own right! Well, now that I took her out of the way [and with that, Time Lord!Corinna Chan too], meet Human!Corinna Chan, the original version, who comes from a rather grimdark Pokémon AU.))

  • Er, who? Emiranlanoamar, Mon May 25 21:46
    Sorry-- I don't know who that is. Can describe her to me? I can have Terabyte search for her via the DIA security cams.
    • *sigh* Emiranlanoamar... — Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Mon May 25 23:26
      • The Guardsman recoiled from the surprise kiss...SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 15:44
        ...and hastily wiped his lips with a tissue as he drew his staser pistol, flicking the safety to "stun" with a quick thumb movement honed over millennia of fighting. "STAY RIGHT WHEre you... are,... more
        • "No worry Guardsman I am just a little... er, disoriented, yes, that is the word. I --" The she felt a jolt coming up her spine to her brain. "Wah! Time... Lord? What is a Sonic Screwdriver? What the ... more
          • The Guardsman stared at the retreating Nurse...SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 22:52
            ...and scratched his head. "Good grief. I always get the weird cases. And just how can she know my name without knowing what species I am? I mean, who decides to call themselves only by a title or... more
            • ((Of course I did!))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 10:44
              ((Specially the start and the ending. Is always fun to write Shui-Hua's Time-Lord-fangirl side, and who knew, writing a Fourth Wall breaker is fun as heck. In fact, I might keep using Cookie Chan in... more
              • ((Swooping in every now and then to lend a hand? Why not make her a full agent while you're at it? Yeah, she looks like a Suvian but so do some agents-- like Nesh said up above, Nurse Jenni is an... more
                • ( (Or why not both!))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 19:23
                  ((I could make her be some sort of rogue multiversal vigilante/watcher/defender, and ultimately use one my Agents to convice her to join the PPC, probaly would be Erynloth Gerfindeth from the DMS who ... more
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