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((You're welcome))
Tue May 26, 2015 00:29

And to the crunchy part! Well rather than drawn, she was actually thrown into the PPC. And the "two years here" part, has an explanation. Is a reference to about how much time ago I last did anything related to her (September, 2012), so what happened to her? She was exiled to the PPC of course!

Anyhow, now that I removed the Time Lord part from her (And exorcised Cookie Chan, my actual Jenni Robinson analog), I removed 4 lifetimes worth of woes and angst, but I also removed anything she had in common with Nurse Jenni. She could still be her assistant during those two lost years though, and we could say that she just got her flashpatch and Solvig is the first patient that treats by herself.

She would have to contend with that and more... The Pokémon AU she comes from is from 160 years in the past and has WWII era technology, standard Poké Balls might as well be sorcery for her. And yes, there's her Pikachu suddenly deciding to be obstinate, but there´s something else: The fact that her Gardevoir is a trained War Pokémon. And there are other number of stuff that should be addressed in her backstory, to explain why she is what she is today, and to give closure to her original story.

Well, I can remove the "Division" part and call her a "Paidopsychiatry Specialist", in other words, she would specialize in minors under 16 years old. And the critters? Her therapy style is "Animal-assisted therapy".

Of course! It would be great! (I pretty much chose Nurse Jenni there because she's the one specialized in PPC Agents. =P)

  • (( Hehe, thanks. ))Neshomeh, Mon May 25 22:52
    Like I said, don't mind me, I'm just old and crotchety. I actually found myself pretty interested in Nurse Chan's backstory, and the idea of her being drawn to the PPC and FicPsych because she heard... more
    • ((You're welcome)) — Edhelistar, Tue May 26 00:29
      • (So...)SkarmorySilver, Thu May 28 00:06
        (...Does all this mean we'll have to update the FicPsych page on the Wiki before we can get started? I'll probably make a post on the Board about this in that case. We'll see how it goes after that!... more
        • (( Not necessarily? ))Neshomeh, Thu May 28 11:15
          I was waiting for Edhelistar to kick of the RP, actually, and came here to say so once I realized I hadn't. IMO, it doesn't make much sense for me to start if Jenni's just going to be sitting in her... more
          • ((Well, Shui-Hua said her appointment...))Anonymous, Thu May 28 11:53
            ((... was next Friday, didn't she. ^_^ The one that actually is late for her appointment is Lapis actually. Now, on the other subject, I will formally include in the Wiki my Nurse onceshe makes her... more
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