The Guardsman recoiled from the surprise kiss...
Tue May 26, 2015 15:44

...and hastily wiped his lips with a tissue as he drew his staser pistol, flicking the safety to "stun" with a quick thumb movement honed over millennia of fighting. "STAY RIGHT WHEre you... are, Suvian..." his voice trailed off as Cookie Chan pulled the real Nurse Chan out of a plothole and promptly disappeared. He whirled around, pointing his machine pistol at all suspicious-looking corners in the hallway. "Damn. Got away." He wiped his mouth again. The Gallifreyan man prayed that the kiss wasn't laced with Glitter. He had no desire to contract some weird Suvian disease from some stupid slip up. Either way, the self-proclaimed Rune Knight messed up big time: he had her biometric data now. There was no way she could come crawling back into HQ without tripping every single bio-alarm... The Time Lord holstered his staser and began scanning the tissue with his Laser Screwdriver. Backups were always good.

Just then, the FicPsych nurse bolted upright. "Uggh... What happened? And who are-- Wait! You are the Guardsman! From the DIA. Bäste Arceus! Please tell me you are not here because I went full Sue and you are to kill me!"

Without looking up, the Guardsman waved his Screwdriver at Nurse Chan. "Well, you were stuffed in a plothole while a Suvian duplicate of you was messing around with me. She's gone now and you're back. Now, this isn't a Medical-grade scanner but as far as I can tell you're not a complete Suvian, so that's good. You'll die another day, I guess. Wait, that sounded better in my head. Ignore that, please. Bottom line: I'm not here to finish you off or anything. How are you feeling? Not too beaten up, I hope?"

  • *sigh* Emiranlanoamar...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Mon May 25 23:26
    ... she is the girl who was asking you about the Sonic Screwdriver! How could you -- aaggh... uuhhnnn... *the Time Lady's body starts shining in a blinding blue light, and when it stops, in her place ... more
    • The Guardsman recoiled from the surprise kiss... — SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 15:44
      • "No worry Guardsman I am just a little... er, disoriented, yes, that is the word. I --" The she felt a jolt coming up her spine to her brain. "Wah! Time... Lord? What is a Sonic Screwdriver? What the ... more
        • The Guardsman stared at the retreating Nurse...SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 22:52
          ...and scratched his head. "Good grief. I always get the weird cases. And just how can she know my name without knowing what species I am? I mean, who decides to call themselves only by a title or... more
          • ((Of course I did!))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 10:44
            ((Specially the start and the ending. Is always fun to write Shui-Hua's Time-Lord-fangirl side, and who knew, writing a Fourth Wall breaker is fun as heck. In fact, I might keep using Cookie Chan in... more
            • ((Swooping in every now and then to lend a hand? Why not make her a full agent while you're at it? Yeah, she looks like a Suvian but so do some agents-- like Nesh said up above, Nurse Jenni is an... more
              • ( (Or why not both!))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 19:23
                ((I could make her be some sort of rogue multiversal vigilante/watcher/defender, and ultimately use one my Agents to convice her to join the PPC, probaly would be Erynloth Gerfindeth from the DMS who ... more
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