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((Yup, I do.))
Tue May 26, 2015 20:26

Snowrrlbecca, a Wookiee Royal Guard, from Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk, Star Wars Galaxy. He's a warrior trained in the traditional Wookiee weapons that had never left his homeworld before. He enjoys nature like a good Wookiee, and likes to get philosophical every once in a while. Arrived to the PPC after falling in a plothole during the Imperial Assault on Kashyyyk in 15 BBY.

Xóchitl Martínez, an Operative from the Mexican branch of the Digital Accident Tactics Squad (DATS) from Digimon Savers. And as such, she's trained to use whatever means necessary to bring down Digimon (that includes heavy weaponry). She also has a Digivice iC, in which she carries her Digimon partner, a Floramon. She's an optimist and a jokester, that likes to put nicknames to anyone she mets, and doesn't like to miss an opportunity to say a joke, even in the middle of combat. She and her partner Digimon arrived after a botched attempt to use the Digital Dive and enter the Digital World, that landed them in the PPC.

And there´s the Floramon, which aside from its Digivolutions, Sunflowmon and Lillymon, I have nothing else yet.

Considering their firepower, they would be probably good in the Special Response Division.

  • ((Derp on my part as well.))SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 15:47
    ((I'm forgetting some of my folks! - Benoît, aspiring Pokémon Ranger. Leads a team of four three on the Coutyard beat: -- Buck the narcoleptic Skiddo -- Maxwell the hyperactive Jolteon -- Victoria... more
    • ((Yup, I do.)) — Edhelistar, Tue May 26 20:26
      • ((Sounds sweet.))SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 22:54
        Unfortunately, I know nothing of Digimon and my knowledge of Star Wars is restricted to the movies. I might have to do a bit of wiki-binging to catch up on that...
        • ((Well....))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 11:35
          Getting information for Wookiee stuff, would be quite easy, Wookieepedia is well organized and has a lot of info. But Digimon on the hand... err... Wikimon and Digimon Wikia, have some problems with... more
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