((Of course I did!))
Wed May 27, 2015 10:44

((Specially the start and the ending. Is always fun to write Shui-Hua's Time-Lord-fangirl side, and who knew, writing a Fourth Wall breaker is fun as heck.

In fact, I might keep using Cookie Chan in my writing, not as an Agent though, the very nature of PPC HQ does funny things to her, making her look like a Sue, when actually her nature is the contrary to Suvians: While Suvians manipulate and twist the Worlds to suit their needs, beings like Cookie Chan get twisted and manipulated by the Worlds to suit the World, she doesn't even interact with "NPCs" (i.e.: Canon Characters) unless required to. She not even that powerful, she's bound to the rules of the universe she's in at the time and limited to the abilities of the form she takes. Her known forms so far are:

- Rune-Midgarts: Lord Knight (RO) / Warrior (RO2)
- Star Wars: Jedi Sentinel
- Pokémon: Aura Guardian
- DC Universe: Gadgeteer Superhero
- Marvel Universe: Agent of SHIELD
- Middle-earth: Rohirrim Guardian
- The Elder Scrolls: Nord Dragonborn
- PPC HQ: Unstable, she might be able to use the abilities of all above, or some that she shouldn't even be able to.

In all her forms she always is Lawful Good, with a deviation to Neutral Good.

Anyhow, my plan to use her is mostly as a part of the supporting cast, for canon knowledge (I don't have Ragnarök or Elder Scrolls canon specialists planned) and combat support, after all, she has a Knight mindset, protect the weak and those who cannot defend themselves, so when the Plot Continuum is the one that needs protection, expect her to take arms to protect it, even if she gets her ass kicked over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over... ad infinitum. What? Being inmortal is not as good as it seems, and she's not as awesome as she looks like, for example, if she tries to go against Darth Vader in her Jedi form, she will get her butt handed to over her, badly. So, she'll be, more or less, like a non-psychopathic female version of Deadpool, that appears when needed.

So, what do you think of this idea?))

  • The Guardsman stared at the retreating Nurse...SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 22:52
    ...and scratched his head. "Good grief. I always get the weird cases. And just how can she know my name without knowing what species I am? I mean, who decides to call themselves only by a title or... more
    • ((Of course I did!)) — Edhelistar, Wed May 27 10:44
      • ((Swooping in every now and then to lend a hand? Why not make her a full agent while you're at it? Yeah, she looks like a Suvian but so do some agents-- like Nesh said up above, Nurse Jenni is an... more
        • ( (Or why not both!))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 19:23
          ((I could make her be some sort of rogue multiversal vigilante/watcher/defender, and ultimately use one my Agents to convice her to join the PPC, probaly would be Erynloth Gerfindeth from the DMS who ... more
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