((So she's going to be some sort of exterior agent?))
Wed May 27, 2015 13:20

((Swooping in every now and then to lend a hand? Why not make her a full agent while you're at it? Yeah, she looks like a Suvian but so do some agents-- like Nesh said up above, Nurse Jenni is an example of that.

I actually see her in DIA. High power level, lots of experience in combat, willingness to serve and protect. Plus, having that little tension between the Guardsman and Cookie might prove to be funny.))

  • ((Of course I did!))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 10:44
    ((Specially the start and the ending. Is always fun to write Shui-Hua's Time-Lord-fangirl side, and who knew, writing a Fourth Wall breaker is fun as heck. In fact, I might keep using Cookie Chan in... more
    • ((So she's going to be some sort of exterior agent?)) — SeaTurtle, Wed May 27 13:20
      • ( (Or why not both!))Edhelistar, Wed May 27 19:23
        ((I could make her be some sort of rogue multiversal vigilante/watcher/defender, and ultimately use one my Agents to convice her to join the PPC, probaly would be Erynloth Gerfindeth from the DMS who ... more
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