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(( Not necessarily? ))
Thu May 28, 2015 11:15

I was waiting for Edhelistar to kick of the RP, actually, and came here to say so once I realized I hadn't. IMO, it doesn't make much sense for me to start if Jenni's just going to be sitting in her office waiting for her patient to show up. ^_^;

If you want to go rustle up other people who've created nurses and haven't bothered putting them on the wiki, I wholeheartedly support that endeavor. Maybe make it a general post about infrastructure agents, even.

I don't think it's necessary to do it before RPing, though. I just asked for updates on the basis that a) I want to know who's who in FicPsych these days, and b) keeping the wiki up to date is a good idea in general.


  • (So...)SkarmorySilver, Thu May 28 00:06
    (...Does all this mean we'll have to update the FicPsych page on the Wiki before we can get started? I'll probably make a post on the Board about this in that case. We'll see how it goes after that!... more
    • (( Not necessarily? )) — Neshomeh, Thu May 28 11:15
      • ((Well, Shui-Hua said her appointment...))Anonymous, Thu May 28 11:53
        ((... was next Friday, didn't she. ^_^ The one that actually is late for her appointment is Lapis actually. Now, on the other subject, I will formally include in the Wiki my Nurse onceshe makes her... more
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