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A DoSAT Technician, a FicPsych Nurse and a Gardevoir enter..
Sat May 30, 2015 19:42

"No, no, no, no! I'm not going that place again!" Shui-Hua cried, "What if another changeling attacks?"

"You worry too much Shui-Hua," replied the blonde woman, "besides, we are already there."

The blue-eyed asian blinked, looked around in surprise, and muttered, "Shoot!"

Maya, the Gardevoir, turned to the Nurse and asked, "Miss Corinna, may I ask: Why I'm not in a Poké Ball?

"Because Thrud is --What is the word?-- grounded, for refusing to use an Universal Translator, and you, at least, can communicate with telepathy," replied Nurse Chan, "I still brought her in her Poké Ball, if you want to know."

That said, the trio looked for a empty table, sat on the chairs around it and the Nurse called for the waiter.

((No, sorry my DIC Agents aren't coming, they're kinda busy right now...))

  • New Rudi's RPVoyd, Sat May 30 18:36
    ((Welcome back to Rudi's! Note that this is just supposed to be a fun RP. No big fights, no invading Sues, just agents chilling out and enjoying the atmosphere. Standard rules apply: no controlling... more
    • Valon recognized the redheaded Time Lady and waved her over. "Hey, Rina! Care to join us?" The best description of his facial expression was someone who was very confused to be the happiest man alive.
      • Rina lifted her head.Iximaz, Mon Jun 1 17:16
        "Oh, why not," she said out loud, and stood up. "C'mon, Zeb, we got some people who want to talk to us." Zeb looked around wildly. "Ooh! Shiny Skorupi lady!" he said, grinning. "Yes, yes, full... more
        • Kala looked confused.Voyd, Mon Jun 1 17:22
          "Uh... Skorupi?" "Pokémon, remember?" Valon stood up to allow Rina a place to sit; he took a seat next to Kala. "So, how goes it? Surely you're doing better after... ahem... that mess. On my end,... more
          • "Peach! I mean, peachy!"Iximaz, Mon Jun 1 17:27
            Zeb gave Kala a lopsided grin. "You have pretty hair." "Don't mind him," Rina said apologetically, swatting Zeb's hand away when he tried to grab a lock of her own hair, presumably for comparison.... more
            • "Sorry, man, but I'm taken." She grabbed Valon's hand and gave it a squeeze. With Valon's bloodless complexion, the rapid color shift when he's embarrassed is incredibly noticeable. "That's what I... more
              • "Wow, guys, congrats."Iximaz, Mon Jun 1 17:33
                Rina swatted Zeb's hand away again and gave him a thumbs up. "But how does that work?" Zeb mumbled to himself. "Are you guys in the same egg group OW!" Rina had stomped his foot under the table. "He... more
                • Kala shrugged. "I'm sure he does."Voyd, Mon Jun 1 17:36
                  And then Valon started rambling. "Actually, in Monster Musume, all liminals can breed with humans, even the species that have two biological sexes. Centaurs have both males and females, but it's... more
                  • Zeb started choking.Iximaz, Tue Jun 2 06:17
                    On what, it wasn't clear, but Rina thumped him on the back until his coughing subsided. "Let's talk about something else, shall we?" she said, somehow managing to look even paler.
                    • He removed Kala's hand from his mouth. "Sure! Have you ever found children in your missions? Kala and I rescued the MPreg baby of Harry Potter the Amazing All-Seeing Kitty and a dragon Stu. We gave... more
    • "Don't you think you should stop?" he finally said as she signaled the batman for a refill. "This is your twelfth cup already, and I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to drink that much." Rina... more
      • An ashen-faced gentleman promptly walked past.Scapegrace, Sun May 31 11:27
        "Do you have it, barman?" The man nodded and produced a bottle. It was obviously a synthetic alcohol analogue; it caught the light oddly, and the bottle was new rather than crusted with age and... more
        • Rina recoiled slightly.Iximaz, Sun May 31 11:34
          "Sorry, can't. Allergic to Bleepstuffs." Zeb's head shot up. "Bleepstuff?" he said hopefully. Rina elbowed him. "Don't drink that, you don't know what he's done to it," she hissed.
          • "I assure you, madam, it is quite safe."Scapegrace, Sun May 31 11:39
            "At least, the new batch almost certainly is. The previous one, well, Commander McCandless keeps it in her gun cabinet so it can't get out. But between us, we are certain that we discovered the... more
            • She did hold out a hand, though. "Rina Dives, DMS. That's my partner, Zeb." Zeb waved. "Nice to meet you! I don't normally look like this; it's just easier to drink with hands rather than paws."
              • "Charmed, madam, sir."Scapegrace, Sun May 31 11:55
                "And... paws? I see you are one of those gentle folk with less standard anatomies; it interests and heartens me greatly to see such equality in the organization we represent. Especially after... more
                • Zeb grinned and raised his own glass.Iximaz, Sun May 31 12:04
                  Rina, however, did not look amused. "No topic to bring up before a lady? I've seen just about everything at this point, but even so, that's no reason to not... argh, you know what? Forget it." She... more
                  • "You have not seen them."Scapegrace, Sun May 31 12:07
                    "And now, neither have I, and I can conduct my business and myself as if it had never been otherwise." The Earl just took another sip. "Also, apropos of nothing, I can hear colours. It is quite... more
                    • "Hear colors? Cool stuff."Iximaz, Sun May 31 12:11
                      "I can see time, which just gives me a headache." "Hear colors?" Zeb said, perking up. "That sounds cool! Um, pun not intended. That was a pun, right?" "Close enough," Rina muttered, and downed... more
                      • "It is something of a recent development."Scapegrace, Sun May 31 12:18
                        "I have only discovered this ability after draining my glass. Which is peculiar, as I have reason to believe that this should not be a side effect."
                        • Zeb dropped his glass like a hot potato.Iximaz, Sun May 31 12:24
                          "Tolja you shouldn't have drank that," Rina said. "Listen, Wymbourne, or whatever your name was, if this ends up poisoning my partner I'm gonna be really ticked."
                          • "Gnknkn."Skkrbrbl???*small picture of flying birds*, Sun May 31 12:34
                            "Boy desirous families prepared gay reserved add ecstatic say. Replied joy age visitor nothing cottage. Mrs door paid led loud sure easy read." The Earl looked at his mirror. His speech thereafter... more
                            • "Um, you okay there?"Iximaz, Sun May 31 13:08
                              Rina facepalmed when Zeb swayed in his seat. "Whoa, thish ish weird! Rina, your face ish glowing! Are you regenerating again?" "F*ck my life," Rina said, grabbing hold of Zeb's arm before he could... more
                              • "Нее Мне ко&*noises akin to those made by a dialup modem*, Sun May 31 13:13
                                " " It should be pointed out, for the benefit of the reader, that these are the images the Earl can see issuing from his mouth. This may well be what accounted for his unnatural pallor.
                                • Rina muttered something rude.Iximaz, Mon Jun 1 16:10
                                  She took Zeb by the elbow and led him to an unoccupied table, making him sit down when he started to sway where he stood. "You shuuuure you're not regenerating?" Zeb said, peering at her. "Yes, Zeb,... more
                                  • After the commotion had subsided:Scapegrace, Mon Jun 1 19:09
                                    "He's over there. You can spot the poor sod a mile off once you know what a powdered wig looks like. Come on." Algie muttered something in what was probably Aramaic, if you heard things backwards... more
    • Two Spies huddled together at the bar.SeaTurtle, Sat May 30 22:36
      " that's how it ends," concluded Gaspard, fiddling with his teacup. "Naturally, I think you want to come out of this alive so we need to start thinking of a way to save your bacon." Harris toyed ... more
      • A most motley of crews.PoorCynic, Sun May 31 21:58
        Two women and a man paused upon entering the bar. "Y'see him anywhere, Liese?" one of the women said in a Scottish accent. She mumbled something inaudible through the short tusks protruding from... more
        • Gaspard and Harris froze.SeaTurtle, Mon Jun 1 08:17
          The two quickly glanced at each other. Stupid, stupid, stupid. If these people had overheard the conversation, this was an embarrassing slip-up. News of the Triple Prime had to be kept secret from... more
          • The man gave Gaspard a curt nod.PoorCynic, Mon Jun 1 09:18
            "Liese Aulvenic, Department of Temporal Offenses. The Historical Inaccuracies Division, to be precise." He glanced over at his companions. "This is Dona Carruthers—” The stocky woman with the tusks... more
            • Gaspard sighed.SeaTurtle, Mon Jun 1 12:53
              "Take a seat," he said, sweeping an arm towards the empty barstools to his right. "Just one thing though. This place? Y'know, HQ? It's a melting pot of timelines. What's true for one agent's future... more
              • Liese shakes his head.PoorCynic, Mon Jun 1 14:43
                "Just the fact that you compared this to a chess game shows how little you actually understand," he said. "You cannot—” "What my dickish Jedi friend means is that this sort of alternate timeline... more
                • "I can't do that."SeaTurtle, Mon Jun 1 16:53
                  "Sorry." Gaspard folded his arms on the counter. "See, this is exactly the thing that I was warned of. The... 'bad future' happens specifically because someone reported the visitors to the Flowers.... more
                  • Deegee arched one of her eyebrows.PoorCynic, Tue Jun 2 16:04
                    "What makes you think the Flowers don't already know?" she asked. "I mean, in a general sense. We didn't exactly come down here for a pint and a bit of chatter with you and, ah, your lucky ladies man ... more
                    • "Well, that fills me with hope."SeaTurtle, Tue Jun 2 22:26
                      "And dread. Mostly dread." Gaspard drummed his fingers on the table. "All right. To heck with this. I need help anyways." He looked at Harris, who shrugged. "Right. So, from the top. The visitors... more
                      • Deegee grimaced.PoorCynic, Wed Jun 3 17:59
                        "The Sundering. Great. Always good for a laugh, that is." Liese stroked his pointed grey beard. "It sounds like the Paladins could have come from either DF-109C or 109D. Or possibly some new... more
                        • "Neither, sir," replied Gaspard.SeaTurtle, Wed Jun 3 22:04
                          Harris leaned past his colleague to look at Liese. "I feel obligated to add that in the DTOM timeline there were organized Mary Sue invasions of HQ. Maybe they're your third group? Like, reappearing... more
                          • "No, it was the Sues," Liese replied.PoorCynic, Thu Jun 4 13:22
                            "I am speaking of a third faction within the PPC itself, fighting against both the Loyalists and the Efficient. This Centurion is tied to it. This is not a constant development across all timelines;... more
    • A DoSAT Technician, a FicPsych Nurse and a Gardevoir enter.. — Edhelistar, Sat May 30 19:42
      • A rapid drumming of paws... SeaTurtle, Sun May 31 11:59
        ...heralded the sudden appearance of a streak of yellow headed towards the table. A moment later, the entire table shook as Maxwell the Jolteon slammed into one of the legs. Maxwell shook his head... more
        • The Gardevoir turned with a puzzled expression...Edhelistar, Sun May 31 12:26
 the Jolteon. "No, I'm not. An who you might be? And who is this 'Owen' for that matter?" "Owen is the Lucario from the Courtyard," replied the Nurse, who then turned to the newly arrived... more
          • Buck raised an eyebrow.SeaTurtle, Sun May 31 12:39
            "You've never seen a Pokémon before?" He looked from the Nurse to Maya. "You sure about that?" Tacitus had scribbled another note and waved in in Buck's face. "Skiddos, pudding-for-brains." Maxwell... more
            • The Nurse chuckled amused.Edhelistar, Sun May 31 13:12
              "Of course I have! And I have seen them closer than you think. But that is not what I meant, I have never seen one of your species before, and--" Notices Tacitus' note. "Uh? 'Skiddos'? That is your... more
              • Maxwell scooted away from the Gardevoir.SeaTurtle, Sun May 31 13:35
                He stuck his tongue out and blew a raspberry for good measure once he was safely behind Buck. "You're mean . I'm not going to answer that." Ignoring the drama on the side, Buck answered the Nurse's... more
                • Replied Corinna, "In fact, I can not quite say I have heard it before. Maybe because it was an isolationist country, much like Unova." She then heard Maxwell's raspberry, and shot a death glare to... more
                  • "Oh! That's right."SeaTurtle, Sun May 31 16:23
                    Buck cleared his throat. "I'm Buck. This here is my partner, Maxwell. We're both in Internal Affairs. That over there is Tacitus. He's in DoI." The Zorua puffed his chest a bit at the mention of his... more
                    • "Well then, nice meeting you..."Edhelistar, Sun May 31 21:45
                      "... Buck, Maxwell and Tacitus." The Nurse bowed her head. "Now Maxwell, you said there was something happening with Owen, what is it? I know he had fight with... Buck, right? It has something to do... more
                      • Maxwell's eyes darted from left to right. "Well, erm... It's just that it's... um... kinda private an' I don't wanna talk about it right now..." Buck nodded. "You were there, right? I saw you talking ... more
    • (Aw, what the heck? Count me in!)SkarmorySilver , Sat May 30 19:08
      (I've been meaning to introduce some new characters anyway, so yeah. Allow me to introduce Agents Whitney and Backslash, from the DMS - VG Division! I'm almost done with their first mission, do that... more
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