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An ashen-faced gentleman promptly walked past.
Sun May 31, 2015 11:27

"Do you have it, barman?"

The man nodded and produced a bottle. It was obviously a synthetic alcohol analogue; it caught the light oddly, and the bottle was new rather than crusted with age and cobwebs, like a good port should be.

"God bless you, sir." The man perched delicately atop the bar stool next to a tall, rather comely redhead and her partner, who the drinker surmised was some manner of rescued Cute Animal Friend. He sipped delicately at the gilded rim of a crystal glass and sighed, his face bearing the slightly beatific expression of the heavily Bleeped-up. "A little aging will work wonders upon it; it feels green at present, and the oak notes are top-heavy. Hm." He turned to the woman. "I should like to request your opinion, madam, if I may. My partner and I have been experimenting with Bleeproduce in synthetic alcohol substitutes, and this latest decanting is completely safe."

  • "Don't you think you should stop?" he finally said as she signaled the batman for a refill. "This is your twelfth cup already, and I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to drink that much." Rina... more
    • An ashen-faced gentleman promptly walked past. — Scapegrace, Sun May 31 11:27
      • Rina recoiled slightly.Iximaz, Sun May 31 11:34
        "Sorry, can't. Allergic to Bleepstuffs." Zeb's head shot up. "Bleepstuff?" he said hopefully. Rina elbowed him. "Don't drink that, you don't know what he's done to it," she hissed.
        • "I assure you, madam, it is quite safe."Scapegrace, Sun May 31 11:39
          "At least, the new batch almost certainly is. The previous one, well, Commander McCandless keeps it in her gun cabinet so it can't get out. But between us, we are certain that we discovered the... more
          • She did hold out a hand, though. "Rina Dives, DMS. That's my partner, Zeb." Zeb waved. "Nice to meet you! I don't normally look like this; it's just easier to drink with hands rather than paws."
            • "Charmed, madam, sir."Scapegrace, Sun May 31 11:55
              "And... paws? I see you are one of those gentle folk with less standard anatomies; it interests and heartens me greatly to see such equality in the organization we represent. Especially after... more
              • Zeb grinned and raised his own glass.Iximaz, Sun May 31 12:04
                Rina, however, did not look amused. "No topic to bring up before a lady? I've seen just about everything at this point, but even so, that's no reason to not... argh, you know what? Forget it." She... more
                • "You have not seen them."Scapegrace, Sun May 31 12:07
                  "And now, neither have I, and I can conduct my business and myself as if it had never been otherwise." The Earl just took another sip. "Also, apropos of nothing, I can hear colours. It is quite... more
                  • "Hear colors? Cool stuff."Iximaz, Sun May 31 12:11
                    "I can see time, which just gives me a headache." "Hear colors?" Zeb said, perking up. "That sounds cool! Um, pun not intended. That was a pun, right?" "Close enough," Rina muttered, and downed... more
                    • "It is something of a recent development."Scapegrace, Sun May 31 12:18
                      "I have only discovered this ability after draining my glass. Which is peculiar, as I have reason to believe that this should not be a side effect."
                      • Zeb dropped his glass like a hot potato.Iximaz, Sun May 31 12:24
                        "Tolja you shouldn't have drank that," Rina said. "Listen, Wymbourne, or whatever your name was, if this ends up poisoning my partner I'm gonna be really ticked."
                        • "Gnknkn."Skkrbrbl???*small picture of flying birds*, Sun May 31 12:34
                          "Boy desirous families prepared gay reserved add ecstatic say. Replied joy age visitor nothing cottage. Mrs door paid led loud sure easy read." The Earl looked at his mirror. His speech thereafter... more
                          • "Um, you okay there?"Iximaz, Sun May 31 13:08
                            Rina facepalmed when Zeb swayed in his seat. "Whoa, thish ish weird! Rina, your face ish glowing! Are you regenerating again?" "F*ck my life," Rina said, grabbing hold of Zeb's arm before he could... more
                            • "Нее Мне ко&*noises akin to those made by a dialup modem*, Sun May 31 13:13
                              " " It should be pointed out, for the benefit of the reader, that these are the images the Earl can see issuing from his mouth. This may well be what accounted for his unnatural pallor.
                              • Rina muttered something rude.Iximaz, Mon Jun 1 16:10
                                She took Zeb by the elbow and led him to an unoccupied table, making him sit down when he started to sway where he stood. "You shuuuure you're not regenerating?" Zeb said, peering at her. "Yes, Zeb,... more
                                • After the commotion had subsided:Scapegrace, Mon Jun 1 19:09
                                  "He's over there. You can spot the poor sod a mile off once you know what a powdered wig looks like. Come on." Algie muttered something in what was probably Aramaic, if you heard things backwards... more
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