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"Fascinating... Though, I can not say I have gone there..."
Sun May 31, 2015 13:57

Replied Corinna, "In fact, I can not quite say I have heard it before. Maybe because it was an isolationist country, much like Unova." She then heard Maxwell's raspberry, and shot a death glare to Maya, who winced.

Turning to the Pokémon before her, she smiled and said, "Ĺh, dumt mig! I have not asked you your names. Can you tell them to me?" She glared Maya again. "Do not worry, the mean Gardevoir will not do anything bad to you."

Maya then gulped and lowered her gaze ashamed.

  • Maxwell scooted away from the Gardevoir.SeaTurtle, Sun May 31 13:35
    He stuck his tongue out and blew a raspberry for good measure once he was safely behind Buck. "You're mean . I'm not going to answer that." Ignoring the drama on the side, Buck answered the Nurse's... more
    • "Fascinating... Though, I can not say I have gone there..." — Edhelistar, Sun May 31 13:57
      • "Oh! That's right."SeaTurtle, Sun May 31 16:23
        Buck cleared his throat. "I'm Buck. This here is my partner, Maxwell. We're both in Internal Affairs. That over there is Tacitus. He's in DoI." The Zorua puffed his chest a bit at the mention of his... more
        • "Well then, nice meeting you..."Edhelistar, Sun May 31 21:45
          "... Buck, Maxwell and Tacitus." The Nurse bowed her head. "Now Maxwell, you said there was something happening with Owen, what is it? I know he had fight with... Buck, right? It has something to do... more
          • Maxwell's eyes darted from left to right. "Well, erm... It's just that it's... um... kinda private an' I don't wanna talk about it right now..." Buck nodded. "You were there, right? I saw you talking ... more
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