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"Well then, nice meeting you..."
Sun May 31, 2015 21:45

"... Buck, Maxwell and Tacitus." The Nurse bowed her head. "Now Maxwell, you said there was something happening with Owen, what is it? I know he had fight with... Buck, right? It has something to do with the fallout of those actions?"

  • "Oh! That's right."SeaTurtle, Sun May 31 16:23
    Buck cleared his throat. "I'm Buck. This here is my partner, Maxwell. We're both in Internal Affairs. That over there is Tacitus. He's in DoI." The Zorua puffed his chest a bit at the mention of his... more
    • "Well then, nice meeting you..." — Edhelistar, Sun May 31 21:45
      • Maxwell's eyes darted from left to right. "Well, erm... It's just that it's... um... kinda private an' I don't wanna talk about it right now..." Buck nodded. "You were there, right? I saw you talking ... more
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