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Rina muttered something rude.
Mon Jun 1, 2015 16:10

She took Zeb by the elbow and led him to an unoccupied table, making him sit down when he started to sway where he stood.

"You shuuuure you're not regenerating?" Zeb said, peering at her.

"Yes, Zeb, I'm perfectly fine," Rina sighed, sitting down and putting her head on the table. She was not in the mood to talk to anyone right now.

  • "Нее Мне ко&*noises akin to those made by a dialup modem*, Sun May 31 13:13
    " " It should be pointed out, for the benefit of the reader, that these are the images the Earl can see issuing from his mouth. This may well be what accounted for his unnatural pallor.
    • Rina muttered something rude. — Iximaz, Mon Jun 1 16:10
      • After the commotion had subsided:Scapegrace, Mon Jun 1 19:09
        "He's over there. You can spot the poor sod a mile off once you know what a powdered wig looks like. Come on." Algie muttered something in what was probably Aramaic, if you heard things backwards... more
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