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Rina lifted her head.
Mon Jun 1, 2015 17:16

"Oh, why not," she said out loud, and stood up. "C'mon, Zeb, we got some people who want to talk to us."

Zeb looked around wildly. "Ooh! Shiny Skorupi lady!" he said, grinning.

"Yes, yes, full marks," Rina said, and dragged him over.

  • Valon recognized the redheaded Time Lady and waved her over. "Hey, Rina! Care to join us?" The best description of his facial expression was someone who was very confused to be the happiest man alive.
    • Rina lifted her head. — Iximaz, Mon Jun 1 17:16
      • Kala looked confused.Voyd, Mon Jun 1 17:22
        "Uh... Skorupi?" "Pokémon, remember?" Valon stood up to allow Rina a place to sit; he took a seat next to Kala. "So, how goes it? Surely you're doing better after... ahem... that mess. On my end,... more
        • "Peach! I mean, peachy!"Iximaz, Mon Jun 1 17:27
          Zeb gave Kala a lopsided grin. "You have pretty hair." "Don't mind him," Rina said apologetically, swatting Zeb's hand away when he tried to grab a lock of her own hair, presumably for comparison.... more
          • "Sorry, man, but I'm taken." She grabbed Valon's hand and gave it a squeeze. With Valon's bloodless complexion, the rapid color shift when he's embarrassed is incredibly noticeable. "That's what I... more
            • "Wow, guys, congrats."Iximaz, Mon Jun 1 17:33
              Rina swatted Zeb's hand away again and gave him a thumbs up. "But how does that work?" Zeb mumbled to himself. "Are you guys in the same egg group OW!" Rina had stomped his foot under the table. "He... more
              • Kala shrugged. "I'm sure he does."Voyd, Mon Jun 1 17:36
                And then Valon started rambling. "Actually, in Monster Musume, all liminals can breed with humans, even the species that have two biological sexes. Centaurs have both males and females, but it's... more
                • Zeb started choking.Iximaz, Tue Jun 2 06:17
                  On what, it wasn't clear, but Rina thumped him on the back until his coughing subsided. "Let's talk about something else, shall we?" she said, somehow managing to look even paler.
                  • He removed Kala's hand from his mouth. "Sure! Have you ever found children in your missions? Kala and I rescued the MPreg baby of Harry Potter the Amazing All-Seeing Kitty and a dragon Stu. We gave... more
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