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Valon seemed oblivious to Rina's paling.
Tue Jun 2, 2015 11:08

He removed Kala's hand from his mouth. "Sure! Have you ever found children in your missions? Kala and I rescued the MPreg baby of Harry Potter the Amazing All-Seeing Kitty and a dragon Stu. We gave him to another character we rescued, Publica Kurusu."

  • Zeb started choking.Iximaz, Tue Jun 2 06:17
    On what, it wasn't clear, but Rina thumped him on the back until his coughing subsided. "Let's talk about something else, shall we?" she said, somehow managing to look even paler.
    • Valon seemed oblivious to Rina's paling. — Voyd, Tue Jun 2 11:08
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