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Deegee arched one of her eyebrows.
Tue Jun 2, 2015 16:04

"What makes you think the Flowers don't already know?" she asked. "I mean, in a general sense. We didn't exactly come down here for a pint and a bit of chatter with you and, ah, your lucky ladies man there." The ork paused. "Actually, that's not a bad idea. Rudi, could you fix us up with a pint of ale please?"

There was a plaintive grunt from underneath the bar.

"Right, sorry. A pint and a sundae, please!"

Liese sighed as Deegee turned her attention to the man standing at the opposite end of the bar. "There have been an increasing number of trans-temporal and trans-dimensional visitors in the PPC in recent years," he said. "We are attempting to catalogue these encounters and analyze the possibility of any risk to this organization. This is rather beyond just being about you."

"Be nice, Liese," Deegee warned from over her shoulder.

He continued on, ignoring the DIAU agent. "As for your concerns about what timeline we happen to be in, I'm afraid I have no comforting words to give you. Attempting to predetermine the twists any one timeline might take is nearly impossible. The Flowers might react well. They might not."

((No problem. This is only as canonical as you want it to be.))

  • "I can't do that."SeaTurtle, Mon Jun 1 16:53
    "Sorry." Gaspard folded his arms on the counter. "See, this is exactly the thing that I was warned of. The... 'bad future' happens specifically because someone reported the visitors to the Flowers.... more
    • Deegee arched one of her eyebrows. — PoorCynic, Tue Jun 2 16:04
      • "Well, that fills me with hope."SeaTurtle, Tue Jun 2 22:26
        "And dread. Mostly dread." Gaspard drummed his fingers on the table. "All right. To heck with this. I need help anyways." He looked at Harris, who shrugged. "Right. So, from the top. The visitors... more
        • Deegee grimaced.PoorCynic, Wed Jun 3 17:59
          "The Sundering. Great. Always good for a laugh, that is." Liese stroked his pointed grey beard. "It sounds like the Paladins could have come from either DF-109C or 109D. Or possibly some new... more
          • "Neither, sir," replied Gaspard.SeaTurtle, Wed Jun 3 22:04
            Harris leaned past his colleague to look at Liese. "I feel obligated to add that in the DTOM timeline there were organized Mary Sue invasions of HQ. Maybe they're your third group? Like, reappearing... more
            • "No, it was the Sues," Liese replied.PoorCynic, Thu Jun 4 13:22
              "I am speaking of a third faction within the PPC itself, fighting against both the Loyalists and the Efficient. This Centurion is tied to it. This is not a constant development across all timelines;... more
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