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Deegee grimaced.
Wed Jun 3, 2015 17:59

"The Sundering. Great. Always good for a laugh, that is."

Liese stroked his pointed grey beard. "It sounds like the Paladins could have come from either DF-109C or 109D. Or possibly some new permutation thereof. Let me see..." He pulled out a tablet and began tapping away at the screen while muttering to himself, the other agents seemingly forgotten.

The ork reached out and intercepted a frothing glass of ale and a surprisingly ornate vanilla sundae as they came sliding down the bar. "We've heard of Mansfield," she said as she handed the sundae down underneath her seat. There was a happy growl from floor level. "His name's popped up in our research multiple times. Usually not for positive reasons." She tipped back her ale. "Same with those two departments you mentioned, although I'm not as familiar with the Time, Order, and Motion one. As for the Flowers—”

"That is our business," Liese cut in without looking away from his tablet.

"Come off it, Liese!"

"I will do no such thing, Dona. You are well aware of the rules surrounding what it is that we do."

"It's not going to kill them to know a little bit!"

The Jedi finally glanced up at the seething DIAU agent. "You are welcome to try, but don't don't be surprised if you find yourself tongue-tied." He turned his attention back to Gaspard and Harris as Deegee shot him the V-sign. "I have two questions. Did these Paladins mention a third group in this version of the Sundering? And does "The Centurion" mean anything to you in the context of this future?"

  • "Well, that fills me with hope."SeaTurtle, Tue Jun 2 22:26
    "And dread. Mostly dread." Gaspard drummed his fingers on the table. "All right. To heck with this. I need help anyways." He looked at Harris, who shrugged. "Right. So, from the top. The visitors... more
    • Deegee grimaced. — PoorCynic, Wed Jun 3 17:59
      • "Neither, sir," replied Gaspard.SeaTurtle, Wed Jun 3 22:04
        Harris leaned past his colleague to look at Liese. "I feel obligated to add that in the DTOM timeline there were organized Mary Sue invasions of HQ. Maybe they're your third group? Like, reappearing... more
        • "No, it was the Sues," Liese replied.PoorCynic, Thu Jun 4 13:22
          "I am speaking of a third faction within the PPC itself, fighting against both the Loyalists and the Efficient. This Centurion is tied to it. This is not a constant development across all timelines;... more
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