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"No, it was the Sues," Liese replied.
Thu Jun 4, 2015 13:22

"I am speaking of a third faction within the PPC itself, fighting against both the Loyalists and the Efficient. This Centurion is tied to it. This is not a constant development across all timelines; only a select few. We would like to know why."

He tapped his tablet a few more times, then looked back up at Gaspard and Harris. "Is there anything else you can remember about your encounter?"

  • "Neither, sir," replied Gaspard.SeaTurtle, Wed Jun 3 22:04
    Harris leaned past his colleague to look at Liese. "I feel obligated to add that in the DTOM timeline there were organized Mary Sue invasions of HQ. Maybe they're your third group? Like, reappearing... more
    • "No, it was the Sues," Liese replied. — PoorCynic, Thu Jun 4 13:22
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