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((Drat. That should say "it wasn't the Sues.")) (nm)
Thu Jun 4, 2015 13:23

  • "No, it was the Sues," Liese replied.PoorCynic, Thu Jun 4 13:22
    "I am speaking of a third faction within the PPC itself, fighting against both the Loyalists and the Efficient. This Centurion is tied to it. This is not a constant development across all timelines;... more
    • The two men stared at each other and shrugged.SeaTurtle, Thu Jun 4 21:54
      "I can't really think of anything else, really," said Gaspard. "Er, aside from the fact that I'm supposed to be the only one who remembers anything . Two agents from the DTOM timeline came from one... more
      • "Well, Other You isn't really you."PoorCynic, Sun Jun 7 15:13
        Deegee paused long enough to drain the rest of her drink. "I mean, he's partially you, sure, but he's also been shaped by that conflict. It's the whole nature and nurture thing. You'd be amazed how... more
    • ((Drat. That should say "it wasn't the Sues.")) (nm) — PoorCynic, Thu Jun 4 13:23
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