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Gaspard opened the cooler...
Tue Jul 28, 2015 16:02

...and handed Aaron a bottle and a bottle opener. "Pleased to meet you, sir. I'm Gaspard De Grasse, Intelligence. That's Tacitus-- also DoI. He's, er, mute. Hence his little writing notebook he uses if he needs to 'talk'. So... um." The spy waved at the part of the beach mat sitting under the parasol's shade with his free hand. "Please, have a seat. I believe you mentioned that you're from the Falloutverse? Um, if you don't mind me asking... what was it like? Were you a Vault dweller or were you born topside?"

  • Tira, Tue Jul 28 15:50
    "Sure, if you don't mind," Aaron replied. "I don't exactly miss the food from back home, but I haven't had a Nuka-Cola in ages. "My name's Aaron Hunter, by the way. DMS. How about you?"
    • Gaspard opened the cooler... — SeaTurtle, Tue Jul 28 16:02
      • Aaron took the bottle...Tira, Tue Jul 28 17:26
        ...though he passed on the opener, wrenching the top off himself. "Thanks." He took a quick swig and sat down. "Um, well, I'm just a semi-fic blip, so my backstory's kind of vague. Most of my... more
        • "No one of importance."SeaTurtle, Tue Jul 28 19:42
          "Born and raised in World One. Did nothing interesting until I arrived here. Now I grind out reports in a big room with hundreds of others exactly like me." Gaspard leaned back in his chair. "Your... more
          • "I don't know much about World One, actually - my partner's a badfic recruit from some modern fantasy anime, so I can't exactly take her word for things." "Yeah. Like I said, my backstory wasn't very ... more
            • "Um..."SeaTurtle, Wed Jul 29 06:38
              Gaspard scratched his head. "No, I'm pretty sure I've never met any characters in the Capital Wasteland who go by that name. Those two are Attack on Titan protagonists, though-- I know that. Are you, ... more
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