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Tue Jul 28, 2015 16:50

Zeb sat bolt upright, eyes wide. "Fans? Of us?"

Rina snorted. "Oh, that's a good one. Pull the other one, will you?" She rolled her eyes.

  • ((Consider it done... *slap* Bad Cipher!)) Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 16:47
    "So, we just thought to drop by and say 'hi'," VJ smiled. She then sat with her legs crossed next to Rina. "We are kinda... fans of your work, if you can say that." She tugged a strand of hair behind ... more
    • "W-what?" — Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 16:50
      • "We are!"Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 16:59
        VJ said, staring at Rina intensly. She tried her best to convince the fellow assassin that she was one of her idols. "You won't believe how many times I've read your mission reports... ALL OF THEM!"... more
        • "What's there to be impressed by?"Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 17:10
          "We go in, we do our job, and leave. And occasionally we massively screw things up." Rina turned away. "Ah..." Zeb rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Sorry about that..."
          • "But..."Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 17:22
            VJ tried to say something but she was stopped by William, who put his hand on her shoulder and just shook his head. "Ms. Dives," he said, facing Rina, "this kid here was working her arse off in the... more
            • "Randa?"Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 17:59
              Rina laughed. "Oh, man, that's a good one. You know she quit after about a year, right? Transferred to Bad Slash. She told me she was quite happy she moved when she did--didn't want to deal with the... more
              • William clutched his fingers on his knee.Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 18:12
                Seeing this, his partner just sighed. "I guess the hint was subtle enough." VJ slowly stood up, sweeping some sand from her legs. Her expression was now a mixture of sadness and humility "I'm sorry... more
                • "Bye."Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 18:24
                  Zeb waved, then frowned at Rina. "That wasn't very nice." "Don't care," she said curtly, drawing circles in the sand with her finger. ((Can you tell she's not exactly normal anymore? ^^;))
                  • ((Oh yes!))Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 18:31
                    ((It's getting worse~ And I assume, you want to keep her that way. Who knows, maybe Third Rina will be more friendly. If not, well... William has spells which, while cannot cure insanity completely,... more
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