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Chakkik turned to face her slowly.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 18:13

His expression was blank. "I am no soldier. You have no authority here... urgh, I feel weak... what is this?"

Stephanie's eyes widened. "Chakkik, that's heatstroke! You're wearing too much, you're overheating!"

"My pride... will not... allow... such frivolousness..."

Chakkik's eyelids fluttered; he was obviously about to faint.

((Yep, too proud to wear anything less than his normal gear.))

  • The Dunmer rolled her eyes...Desdendelle, Tue Jul 28 18:07
    ...and got up. She walked to where Stephanie and Chakkik were standing. “My name is Nilera. I am a Dunmer from Solstheim,” she told Stephanie before going stand right below Chakkik. “At ATTENTION,... more
    • Chakkik turned to face her slowly. — Voyd, Tue Jul 28 18:13
      • The Dunmer blinked.Desdendelle, Tue Jul 28 19:21
        Nilera opened her mouth to shout some more at Chakkik, but instead she positioned herself to catch him. “Get his clothes off him!” she told Stephanie.
        • "Do... not... touch... me..."Voyd, Tue Jul 28 19:36
          Stephanie hurried to her partner as he fell toward Nirela. "Sorry, Chakkik, but I tried to warn you!" Ignoring her partner's feeble protests, she unfastened his cloak and simply broke the straps... more
          • Chakkik sat down on the sand.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 22:18
            "I suppose my pride is a small price to pay for this comfort. This place is blessed by the Elemental Spirits." He gestured airily at the scenery. "Sylphid provides this calming breeze, Gnome has... more
            • The Dunmer rolled her eyes.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 14:16
              She went back to her coat, picked it up and gave it a good shake. She returned to Chakkik and spread it beside him. Lying down on it, she looked at the disguised Mantis Ant. “What possessed you to go ... more
              • "I thought that dressing as normal would reinforce that I did not wish to join this... pointless venture. I am only here at all because my partner begged me to bring her, and I have no wish to leave... more
                • Nilera nodded.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 15:07
                  “Such loyalty is admirable,” she said, “but it was the height of idiocy. Surely you knew it was hot here?” The Dunmer poked the sand with a finger. “Hm, reminds me of home,” she muttered. “This place ... more
                  • "I did not."Voyd, Thu Jul 30 15:30
                    "I was unaware that humans do not tolerate extreme temperatures. I still do not know all of the biological limitations of this form. And no, before you ask. I will not revert to my natural shape. I... more
                    • Nilera raised an eyebrow.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 16:31
                      “Oh?” she said, surprised. “You are not a humanoid, then? Some sort of exo-skeletal creature?” The Dunmer absentmindedly scratched circles in the sand with her finger. “What, exactly, might you be?”... more
                      • "A Mantis Ant."Voyd, Thu Jul 30 17:27
                        "An earth-elemental creature from the World of Mana. The first 'boss' enemy of the second game, Secret of Mana. Nine feet of yellow carapace. I am often cited as one of the game's flaws; that I am... more
                        • “I… see.”Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 19:47
                          So I should bring my bow, then, Nilera mused. “Now that you’re here, though…” she said aloud, “why not enjoy yourself? Off-time is so rare in the PPC.”
                          • "I suppose."Voyd, Thu Jul 30 19:53
                            "Most of my spare time is spent either playing League of Legends or prying my partner's limbs off of me. If she looks like she is about to fall asleep, I recommend keeping a healthy distance." He... more
                            • Nirela eyed the volleyball net.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 21:04
                              The Dunmer shrugged. “I would not know,” she said, playing with a lock of her relatively-short hair. “I never paid much attention to human rituals; I always had more soldiers to train, back at home,... more
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