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Re: Kala noticed Riaa and waved her down.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 18:40

"Hello again, Kala," Riaa said cheerfully. She offered her hand to Valon. "So, this is your partner? Nice to meet you."

Lana nodded in greeting. "Hello."

  • Kala noticed Riaa and waved her down.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 16:42
    "Hey, Riaa! Long time no see!" Valon looked in the direction she was. "Wait, aren't those the two..." "... that I was with during the Rose cleanup, yes. Riaa's the one who taught me how to walk."
    • Re: Kala noticed Riaa and waved her down. — firemagic, Tue Jul 28 18:40
      • Valon grinned.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 18:48
        "Hey, weren't you two with the wolf guy? Nice to met you properly! I'm Valon Vance." He gladly took Riaa's hand. "Valon's not just my partner anymore, Riaa." Kala smiled at the drider and wrapped one ... more
        • Lana shruggedfiremagic, Tue Jul 28 20:31
          "Narav? Well, he's my partner, yeah. He stayed home today, though. Something about tundra-adapted winter coats not mixing with the seashore," Lana explained. Riaa smiled at Kala hugging Valon. "Oh?... more
          • Valon's cheeks turned tomato-red.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 20:36
            "Uh... yeah... I'll remember that." Kala let go of Valon and scuttled back into the sunlight. "Regardless, neither of us can swim, and Valon can't stand direct sunlight. He's just hanging out in the... more
            • Riaa noddedfiremagic, Wed Jul 29 00:05
              "Mm, yeah. I can swim, but it's never very fun. And sunlight is very nice," Riaa said, setting down an oddly-shaped cushion and leaning against it with six of her eyes closed. The remaining two... more
              • "I completely agree."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 00:42
                Valon leaned back against the parasol pole. "I grew up surrounded by trees and mountains. I've never gotten used to a flat horizon." Kala turned her head curiously toward her partner. "You know,... more
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