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"Do... not... touch... me..."
Tue Jul 28, 2015 19:36

Stephanie hurried to her partner as he fell toward Nirela. "Sorry, Chakkik, but I tried to warn you!" Ignoring her partner's feeble protests, she unfastened his cloak and simply broke the straps holding his armor in place.

She was about to remove his tunic as well, but Chakkik shook his head. "No... if I must suffer this indignity... best I do it myself." Chakkik shouldered free from Nilera, and pulled his yellow tunic over his head.

He was now clad only in boots and breeches. He was lean and muscular, and completely drenched in sweat.

"Now that what remnants of dignity I had left are completely spent," he said wearily, "I think I shall remain here to cool."

  • The Dunmer blinked.Desdendelle, Tue Jul 28 19:21
    Nilera opened her mouth to shout some more at Chakkik, but instead she positioned herself to catch him. “Get his clothes off him!” she told Stephanie.
    • "Do... not... touch... me..." — Voyd, Tue Jul 28 19:36
      • Chakkik sat down on the sand.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 22:18
        "I suppose my pride is a small price to pay for this comfort. This place is blessed by the Elemental Spirits." He gestured airily at the scenery. "Sylphid provides this calming breeze, Gnome has... more
        • The Dunmer rolled her eyes.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 14:16
          She went back to her coat, picked it up and gave it a good shake. She returned to Chakkik and spread it beside him. Lying down on it, she looked at the disguised Mantis Ant. “What possessed you to go ... more
          • "I thought that dressing as normal would reinforce that I did not wish to join this... pointless venture. I am only here at all because my partner begged me to bring her, and I have no wish to leave... more
            • Nilera nodded.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 15:07
              “Such loyalty is admirable,” she said, “but it was the height of idiocy. Surely you knew it was hot here?” The Dunmer poked the sand with a finger. “Hm, reminds me of home,” she muttered. “This place ... more
              • "I did not."Voyd, Thu Jul 30 15:30
                "I was unaware that humans do not tolerate extreme temperatures. I still do not know all of the biological limitations of this form. And no, before you ask. I will not revert to my natural shape. I... more
                • Nilera raised an eyebrow.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 16:31
                  “Oh?” she said, surprised. “You are not a humanoid, then? Some sort of exo-skeletal creature?” The Dunmer absentmindedly scratched circles in the sand with her finger. “What, exactly, might you be?”... more
                  • "A Mantis Ant."Voyd, Thu Jul 30 17:27
                    "An earth-elemental creature from the World of Mana. The first 'boss' enemy of the second game, Secret of Mana. Nine feet of yellow carapace. I am often cited as one of the game's flaws; that I am... more
                    • “I… see.”Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 19:47
                      So I should bring my bow, then, Nilera mused. “Now that you’re here, though…” she said aloud, “why not enjoy yourself? Off-time is so rare in the PPC.”
                      • "I suppose."Voyd, Thu Jul 30 19:53
                        "Most of my spare time is spent either playing League of Legends or prying my partner's limbs off of me. If she looks like she is about to fall asleep, I recommend keeping a healthy distance." He... more
                        • Nirela eyed the volleyball net.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 21:04
                          The Dunmer shrugged. “I would not know,” she said, playing with a lock of her relatively-short hair. “I never paid much attention to human rituals; I always had more soldiers to train, back at home,... more
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