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Four people arrived, talking excitedly among each other.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 21:58

They'd just returned from a little, uh, private sojourn in a more isolated stretch of the coast. The two groups had only met just today, but the Homs and the angel had already become fast friends. The Super had suggested to bury the two of them in the sand, to which the fitness trainer had agreed, and it was safe to say that things had escalated from there.

Cupid was still doing a little jig upon the hot sand, his oversized bare feet feeling especially tender. Backslash had at least put his summer shoes on (his only other clothing being his swimsuit and scarf), but Sarah had temporarily confiscated the angel's sandals, and was now watching her poor hopping partner in amusement.

"Ooh, ow! Sarah, was burying me and Monado Boy here really necessary?!"

"Yes, it was. Really, with feet as cute as yours, how could I resist?"

"Yeah, well, can we not repeat that here? There are people in the area," Backslash chimed in.

"Yeah, I suppose our antics would probably be distracting for some," added Whitney, glancing at a bushy-haired young woman with a pink frilly swimsuit and her oddly papery partner lounging in the middle distance.

"Yeah, but still, nothing like a little fun in the sun every once in a while, right?" asked Cupid. "All that's needed now is a piña colada! Or the Greek equivalent, anyway."

They stopped under the shade of several palm trees, and the two assassins decided to rest under them.

"Suit yourself," said Backslash, before chuckling grimly. "The rest of us aren't alcoholic. I mean, I'd like to take a shot or two, but Whitney would probably put me in traction."

The fitness trainer laughed and patted his shoulder. "Why would I hurt my own student? I don't see a reason to do so... yet." She knocked twice on the palm tree as she said this.

Backslash gave his mentor a Not Amused look, while the two other teens erupted into laughter.

  • (BEACH PARTY FOR EVERYBODY! YAY!!)SkarmorySilver, Tue Jul 28 21:29
    (Yes, all of my agents and other characters will be present! Including the secondary characters, too. I'll be setting up four different RP starters as soon as possible. Feel free to respond to any... more
    • Feratu was resting in the shade of a tree...SkarmorySilver, Tue Jul 28 22:05
      ...when he felt something move underneath his trunks-clad rear. The rustling of the tree overhead gave him a moment's warning, and with reflexes worthy of his canon counterpart, he raised a hand to... more
    • Four people arrived, talking excitedly among each other. — SkarmorySilver, Tue Jul 28 21:58
      • "Hi there!"Voyd, Tue Jul 28 22:26
        Stephanie approached the four people cheerfully, her "legs" coiling and uncoiling below her. "Hi, Cupid! Hi, Sarah! Ooh, who are you two?" Once she reached the group, Stephanie leaned down to give... more
        • Backslash turned as red as the Monado...SkarmorySilver, Thu Jul 30 10:38
          ...while Cupid had his "drooling pervy idiot" face on. Sarah instantly realized what the two of them were staring at, and nudged her partner in the ribs. "Cupid, her eyes are up there," she said,... more
          • Stephanie turned to look at Sarah.Voyd, Thu Jul 30 12:02
            "My eyes? I'm a kraken, I have cuttlefish eyes." Her attention returned to Backslash, and she seemed oblivious to his staring. "You are just too cute! " With that, a large number of her limbs... more
            • Everyone stared at Steph and Backslash.SkarmorySilver, Thu Jul 30 13:07
              Sarah facepalmed, Cupid had a look of utmost betrayal on his face, and Whitney's expression looked a little TOO calm. Backslash ended up getting a face full of marshmallow hell, his only response... more
              • The kraken looked at Whitney...Voyd, Thu Jul 30 13:56
                ... and fearfully let go of Backslash. "Eep! I'm sorry! Scary lady!" Stephanie's eyes began to water, and she instinctively reached for a nearby source of comfort... which just so happened to be... more
                • Sarah and Cupid both glared at Whitney...SkarmorySilver , Thu Jul 30 20:58
                  ...who instantly dropped her Header, looking embarrassed and ashamed. "I'm so sorry," she said, raising her hands in a gesture of surrender. "I jumped to conclusions there. It won't happen again."... more
                  • Stephanie nodded and relaxed.Voyd, Thu Jul 30 21:58
                    "I do like hugging people... but not scary people..." She started to tense up again, but Cupid's attention calmed her. "Mmm... that feels nice... not niiice nice, but..." She started leaning more... more
                    • Cupid rubbed his forehead with an embarrassed laugh.SkarmorySilver , Thu Jul 30 22:46
                      "She's always like this, isn’t she?" He asked, at which Sarah merely shrugged. "Do you want me to wake her up?" asked Backslash. "I'd rather not, to be honest," said Whitney. "You’ve already made her ... more
    • "Hey there, Lapis!" said Rayner. "How are you today?"SkarmorySilver, Tue Jul 28 21:43
      "I'm feeling great!" the blue-haired girl replied in excitement, before looking down at her sea-blue one-piece bathing suit. "This looks good on me, does it?" "You're really cute in that," he... more
    • A feathery head peeked out from behind a sand dune...SkarmorySilver, Tue Jul 28 21:39
      ...baring a sharp-toothed grimace. But the subadult Deinonychus wasn't ferocious at all today. Actually, he was more afraid than anything. Beyond the dune that Ripper was using as a hiding place, a... more
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