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"I completely agree."
Wed Jul 29, 2015 00:42

Valon leaned back against the parasol pole. "I grew up surrounded by trees and mountains. I've never gotten used to a flat horizon."

Kala turned her head curiously toward her partner. "You know, you've never told me much about your past. You hiding something?"

"Nothing worth hiding. As much of a weirdo as I am, my life before the PPC was pretty boring and uneventful. There were good times, there were bad ones. That's all there is to it."

Kala shrugged and rested her head on her arms. "If you say so..."

((Considering how dark Kala's skin is, I'm not sure she'd need sunscreen. This, the obvious option of "rubbing lotion into back" really need not apply here.))

  • Riaa noddedfiremagic, Wed Jul 29 00:05
    "Mm, yeah. I can swim, but it's never very fun. And sunlight is very nice," Riaa said, setting down an oddly-shaped cushion and leaning against it with six of her eyes closed. The remaining two... more
    • "I completely agree." — Voyd, Wed Jul 29 00:42
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